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About Francesca

I’m a passionate (obsessive) astrologer and my quest is to present the subject simply and to enable people to comprehend and utilise the reliable roots of astrology.  To read more, head to my about page!

Thank you so much for visiting my site, it is awaiting a 2020 update…!  If you are joining my astrology events with Happy Place Virtual Festival on the 22nd of June and 3rd of July then there is a workbook for you to download that will help you work out your chart.  I will be doing live sessions on Instagram over the next few weeks.

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To book a consultation please click here.

To order one of my Magic Momenti astrology art prints please head straight to Etsy.

The best way to contact me is it



Thank you for the session today. It was super helpful. The work you do is truly amazing!


You’re so fab at what you do, I don’t think I’ve ever had an experience that ‘gets me’ as much! 😊 Very emotional xx

Francesca – you were SO fab, your guidance completely changed my short term direction. I’m bumping back my trip thanks to you (it felt like what I wanted anyway). Thanks so much for the recording & for all the inspiration!


Thank you SO much today it was magic!


I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Francesca and found it insightful and invaluable. Francesca is very perceptive & she got me down to a tee. It was really quite remarkable. She has given my more confidence…


I had been feeling a little lost but after a few minutes with Francesca things were making sense. I had an incredible session,  Francesca pointed out all my personality traits, even ones that only I thought I knew!

Francesca is lovely to work with, she takes time to explain her readings, is always generous with her time & fun to talk to, she goes the extra mile.  I thoroughly recommend Francesca, give her a call and let the magic begin!

Francesca’s friendly and warm approach quickly puts you at ease and it feels such a privilege to receive her insight on your chart. Her intuitive understanding is captivating and contagious. Clearly, her first language is astrology!


What do I do?

Please go to the about section of my site for detailed information on what I do.

To book a consultation online or in person in London please click here. Or to order one of my Magic Momenti astrology art prints please head straight to Etsy.

I  have worked with Bumble, NOW TV, Monica Vinader, Soho House, The Wing, Oliver Bonas, ELLE and many more. Please email if you are interested in collaborating, I would love to hear from you.

What is astrology?

It’s insight, science and magic.

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