Whether you’ve joined us for the reset or not, I wanted to explain the process of what it’s all been about.

It began with me going on a yoga retreat, feeling amazing and wanting to hold on to that vibrancy.

A yoga retreat isn’t just about eating well. It’s the yoga, affirmations, social media break, mindset work, new people, community and new experiences that contribute to the shifts.

As you know, I think astrologically and Izzy Kirkby and I turned this into a magic combination of detox, herbs, astrology, energy work, ritual and mindset shifts.


There are MANY keywords associated with Scorpio but the themes for our 3 days have been these:

  1. Self Mastery
  2. Empowerment
  3. Transformation

Conversations have emerged over the past three days and one of the most interesting has been our growing understanding of the interplay of archetypal Mars and Venus.


  1. Self Mastery is a result of self discipline and focus BUT often comes with negative connotations.

One discussion we’ve had in the 3 day Scorpio New Moon reset is the difficulty many of us have with this concept of “self-discipline” in a society that reiterates the importance of going easy on ourselves.

I wrote about this in CYCLES 2021, when I said that society doesn’t want STRONG, EMPOWERED individuals it wants pacified people.

This is where we can look to Mars and Venus.


Venus = sugar, sweet, pleasure, ease, good relationships, food, chocolates, flowers, money, rest, relaxation and peace.

Mars = heat, agitation, will, war, sex, frustration, manifestation, activity, passion, assertiveness and anger.


WE ALL LOVE VENUS. Let’s not pretend we don’t. We do. Venus = Love.

BUT, we can have too much of a good thing and too much Venus = too much chocolate on the sofa, furlough, baking and endless movie nights.

Mars involves the impetus that says, I WANT THINGS TO BE xyz. Mars motivates us to get on with it, he CASTS spells, launches fishing lines and gets hot and bothered enough to do something.

SO – for self mastery we got involved with cold showers, we cut out refined sugar, caffeine and social media.

We used the Mars energy of Scorpio to ELIMINATE what doesn’t serve us… even if it’s Venusian in nature, because to manifest and make magic we have to be in control and not wiped out after too much pleasure.

Venus is stronger than Mars, she takes all his life force and he passes out. ?


 2. Empowerment

So after a day of taking CONTROL, we were ready to empower ourselves with affirmations, meditation, more healthy food and a Rapid Tapping session with Poppy Delbridge. That lifted our spirts, kept Mars strong, took us on the journey that enabled us to answer the journal prompts and ponder what life could be like if we didn’t just give into every passing thought or chocolate bar.

Saturn’s discipline comes in here too.

When we meditate, we LET the thoughts pass, we don’t ATTACH to everything we think.

“Don’t believe everything you think!”

When we are empowered and Scorpionic in our lifestyle choices we don’t devour every passing cake.!


 3. Transformation

At lunch we had a great call discussion herbs, natural medicine and some of the easy things we have around the home that we can use to align with the astrological energies.

If you want to have a New Moon in Scorpio bath throw in some Ginger, Nettles, Rose and Cloves! We will tell you why on Sunday (if you want to join us!)


This evening I’m hosting a New Moon in Scorpio astrology session exclusively for everyone who signed up to the challenge –  with a full explanation of the astrology. Something that can be done in advance but always holds magic as the experience unfolds before us and what I’ve witnessed in the readings I’ve participated in today.


As I wrote in Cycles 2021:

“The New Moon in Scorpio, spiced up by an exact opposition to Uranus but anchored via Saturn in Aquarius, what will we create here? Whatever we want!

I’m writing this on the 12th of November 2020 and I’ve just seen that I pulled the 8 of Swords for the New Moon in Scorpio in 2020 too.

This is what I wrote last year:

“The 8 of Swords is a tarot card that depicts a woman surrounded by swords (negative thoughts) and she is blindfolded, seemingly trapped.  However, her hands are free, she could take the blindfold off at anytime.  The woman is not trapped but she has a victim mentality and chooses not to liberate herself.

This card, and this New Moon, ask us to take the power back.  Choose new thoughts and accept that you do have choices that you need to be brave and take.  The truth will strike like lightening, so are you going to be out in the storm, or sheltered and prepared?  That depends on whether you are willing to face up to the current climate or hope for the best.

A New Moon in Scorpio demands that we are both realistic and brave.”


This year the focus is less on bravery, more on being sharp and seeing things from a new and more expansive perspective.

Mercury remains in balanced Libra but he’s so close to precise and exacting Mars in Scorpio that the pace of change is faster this year. It requires more personal effort, more research, more challenging conversations.

This is a Universal Year 5, the backdrop is fast, agile, temperamental, quick to react, easily angered. The caution this year is less about being stuck and scared to move, more about moving too fast and not considering all options. “Speak first and think later” is not the way forwards, remember to breathe and understand that we all observe the world differently.

Open your eyes, LOOK AROUND, shift your perspective and then select fresh and radically upgraded thoughts. EXPANSION is key. Uranus is the sky god, he’s boundless. There is so much space and fresh ground for us to walk on. Veer off the well trodden path.

Mercury is in Venus’ sign of Libra, and Venus is at the very final degree of Sagittarius, the critical and very expansive point in the sky. This could indicate that our potential is bigger and better than we had ever imagined. In this scenario, the blindfold that we are wearing is not blocking us from seeing solutions to our problems, it’s actually keeping us so fixated on risk that we miss the tickets to board the love train! 

Somewhere out there, beyond your wildest dreams is a life that is full of love and colour. Can you feel it? 

Where are you stuck in the mud?

How could you change your life? What is holding you back? Fear or restrictions? Where are the loopholes?

Are you comfortable with change or do you tend to stayed glued to the past?

In remembering that nothing is predictable you free yourself, JUMP off. Set yourself free. Create a new reality; without gravity you’re free to stay suspended in space for a moment.  How does it feel to be liberated from the constraints, unconscious limiting beliefs and dogma that have formed the scaffold of your life until now?”

See you Sunday!

Francesca xx


P.S. Cycles 2022 will be finished this weekend!! IF there’s a spare moment ever… life IS fast in 2021, I was right!