Good Morning!

It’s 9am Thai time which makes it 2am UK time and I’m on the plane home… which makes me very tired tomorrow.


I’ve been away because I needed to rest before I spontaneously combusted.  Many resolutions have been made about my time management and email responses.  It occurred to me last night to just stop replying, ignore a few things.  Not an obvious choice for someone with 5 placements in Capricorn…

Eclipse Season

Which brings us to the eclipse tomorrow; a partial lunar eclipse in Cancer.  The first eclipse of 2020 and a heightening and tightening of the themes that have been repeating for a while now. That is the calling towards more love, compassion, home and family away from the fears of Capricorn that keep us working just to earn more, to save more, to protect ourselves from hurts.  This includes failing to tell people how we really feel.  Saturn is a wall, a moat around your castle that keeps you safe but also a little sad.

Capricorn Lyfe AKA Goat Lyfe

The lunar eclipse on Friday is going to trigger the house that it falls in in your chart in a big way and the trick is in what we can let go of and move towards.  I know it sounds simple but this holiday has helped me to realise that I don’t have to be that very very Saturn good girl I always was at school. “Francesca is a quiet, conscientious pupil” said every school report ever.  It would’ve crippled me to do anything wrong.  One of my Mum’s friends once called me a “goodie two shoes” and I was mortified, thinking I’d done something wrong. I was 4 years old, and I still remember, which tells you something about the way Saturn operates. Liz Greene describes people with Moon Saturn aspects as “morbidly sensitive.”

Il Capo

Capricorn (or those with Saturn aspects, I use them interchangeably ) are sensitive, but doesn’t show it, incase they’ve got something wrong.  It is insecure and inhibited, an energy that takes responsibility for everything and leans on no one.

The eldest sibling in a family usually has lots of Saturn aspects in their chart, I often joke with clients that this is the universe’s way of passing on ancestral karma and the first child gets it all just incase there are no more children born. (hahaha, I hear you all say!) Saturn is often referred to as “Lord of Karma.”

Grit in the Oyster

It’s not all bad because despite the fact that Saturn is uncomfortable, this discomfort pushes the eldest sibling tends to be the one who does well academically and achieves conventional success.  The eldest child also has to work hard to forge a new path of identity and individuality, pushing harder than younger siblings who benefit from the slip stream of their sibs.  It is hard work, but it is their journey, and there’s an alchemical gold in that.

I digress, back to the eclipse

We have the opportunity at this full moon eclipse to release patterns that keep us conforming, closed, scared, behaving, restrained, inhabited and fearful.  Capricorn is at the SOUTH NODE, this is the dragon’s tail, where we release. We are moving towards the NORTH NODE in Cancer, where we prioritise our feelings, home, love, family and security.  An eclipse is like pulling the router out of the wall and plugging it back in with more OOOMPH.  Sometimes we set intentions and they go in one ear and out the other; this is a vortex, an upgrade and a big shift.

Remember to focus on what you want to let go of and because the universe hates a vacuum, replace with gratitude.

Time spent with family or doing what you love is a good thing.  Work can wait.  That is a move to the Cancer North Node from the Capricorn South Node. Interestingly, the Industrial Revolution began the last time Saturn and Pluto met, so we are drawing that cycle to a close and taking it up a level.

Saturn Pluto, The Real Story

The eclipse is just the precursor of this tidal wave of energy to a certain area of your chart.  The Saturn, Pluto conjunction is a meeting of two of the heaviest most complex energies in the skies.  Saturn rules Capricorn and Pluto rules Scorpio, powerful, private, sensitive, complex, troubled, revolutionary, determined, focussed, all-consuming.  A combination that looks like a movie scene where the emotionally damaged bad guys are in a dark cavernous room wondering how they will seek their revenge on whoever blighted them in the past.

Harry Potter References for Good Measure

Like Voldemort, he’s got Saturn Pluto in Capricorn written all over him!  I love a Harry Potter reference and we all know what defeated poor old Voldemort… Harry Potter and his mother’s love.  Cancer, the sign of the mother, of love, protection and defence.  It’s an age old dialogue but one that is coming to life in the skies at the moment.

Sadly, Voldemort is not the only toxic character on the world stage.  Trump has a Venus Saturn conjunction in Cancer and his move on Iran has triggered the sort of drama’s I’ve explained above.

I don’t know enough to comment about politics, I’m sure lots of you know more than me, but BIG news is to be expected this weekend.  BIG BIG NEWS.

And You?

If you have planets are 19 degrees – 23 degrees Cancer, Capricorn and even Aries and Libra then this weekend will impact you more personally than those of us who are witnessing the scene.  Though, as I already said, eclipses will enliven an area of your chart, they always do. Enlivening things is the domain of eclipses, they particularly impact you if they meet one of your personal or progressed planets.

Knowing your Degrees

Astrologers speak in degrees all the time, because that is how the sky is measured.  From 0 Aries to 29 Aries, 0 Taurus to 29 Taurus… connecting signs of the zodiac from Aries to Pisces.  The degrees are the same as those on your school protractor.  360 degrees in a circle, 12 signs of the zodiac, each sign having 30 degrees of 0-29.  It’s a mapping system for where your planets are.  If you’re born on the 21st or 22nd or 23rd of a month, depending which month it is, you will be 0 degrees of a sign. That is why there is no such thing as on the cusp.  You are either 29 degrees of a sign, or 0 degrees of the next one.

Don’t worry if you don’t know your degree placements of all your planets, it’s the astrologer’s job to understand the sky, I just like to explain it so you can sort of picture what we are talking about.


I’ve added subheadings because when I’m skim reading things online, a block of text without subheadings has about 1 second before I close it all down.  This is mix of anecdote and astrology, I hope it helps to paint a picture and for you to understand the energies out there at the moment.


Growth, expansion, transformation, renewal, rebirth, a new era, This is a 22 year in numerology and a big big big mentally massive year of astrology.  That is why I created CYCLES 2020.  I wanted to bring people together and help us take this scruffy mess and turn it into a professional road mapping system.  A year of intentions, mind expansion, spiritual awareness and silent self reflection. OFFLINE remains to be of huge importance to me and it’s the reason I didn’t post when I was in Thailand last week.  I meditated, lots and now have more clarity on where things are going.  I recommend you do the same.

I’m looking forward to sending this to you. Looking forward to connecting with kindness.


Whilst I’m on the topic of kindness. I met someone kind last week.  Not kind in my sort of London, everything is to get ahead, cynical way.  Not fake email polite kind but still shopping on ASOS kind.  Not brand kindness.  Kind.  Actually kind to the core.  It made me question this life I’m building.  My ambition and drive is authentic, but my eyes are always on the prize, always on the #goal.  A western consumer zombie walking into the apocalypse.

This kind person had Mars at 23 Cancer and might have been a clue to how we need to move from the south node in Capricorn where the ends justify the means to the North Node in Cancer where the goal is how and why we love.

At a certain point, we’ll all have to remember why.  This usually happens when our hand is forced.  With Jupiter in Capricorn lending us all some perspective, let’s hope we can tap into something bigger than us sooner rather than later.

Life is Disney IRL, let’s not forget.  The wellness move is here to remind us to connect with forgotten traditions. The need to love and be kind is not just a meme or a kitch fridge magnet, it’s a way of life that requires we all embody it.

Saturn and Pluto are going to speak to us all, “use the energies of change or they will use you.” Which is in itself the promise of astrology and the reason people consult astrologers.  Ceres AKA Demeter, who was Persephone’s mother in myth is also involved in this conjunction. Course she’s left out because even astrology (especially astrology) focusses on men, male deities and their themes. Ceres cares about the environment, she generated the seasons when she went into mourning because Pluto abducted her daughter. Though not all astrologers are talking about Ceres’ involvement in this turbo conjunction, what we see happening in Australia is a clear manifestation of Saturn, Ceres and Pluto meeting in Capricorn and sending a message home.

The planets promise circumstances and we can choose how we navigate these energies when we understand our chart.

Thank you

Thanks for reading this!! I’m just about to drive back to London now and will be writing more when I have time over these next few busy days. If you have questions you can email me or you can find me on Instagram @francescaoddieastrology

If you would like a reading, do let me know or just book online.

Notice everything this weekend, there should be clues everywhere as to which area of your life is being transformed.

Big love,