I’ve so much to say! I’m 10000 years behind on posts but new routine will start soon!

However, I really must say – THANK YOU!  The weekend at Wilderness was epic on every level! My feet haven’t touched the ground yet.  It was a big challenge and I was so scared to be readings at a festival, however… it worked.  It really worked!

I feel like I connected with some incredible people.  Not just that but the festival itself is a real stunner and AGAIN the weather delivered some clear blue skies.  Lots of people were wandering around barefoot, eating delicious food, bit of yoga, wild swimming, a banquet here, a talk there, listening to orchestras and dancing under the trees all night… I felt very at home and can’t wait for more.

I was working with some epic ladies and it all just FLOWED!  Real magic!

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What I loved most was talking to people, particularly couples… and reaching the heart of matters in minutes.  People coming to me with open hearts telling me their stories and letting me relate it to their charts.  The family constellations were wildly accurate and even though most of the readings were 15 minutes and I was giving some very quick overviews… I hope I left people with some constructive words and HOPE.

I’m not here to solve the problems… but we all live in our heads and are full of questions about how things could or should be.  I can see clear talents and potential pit falls quite clearly and naming an issue is more than 50% of the way towards solving it.  CLARITY is MAGIC.13895408_10101605813983313_3255663456147870079_n

You’re all brilliant.  Everyone has something unique and wonderful to offer. Knowing your chart enables you to reach the highest potential, if you want to!!

So thank you, thank you to everyone who came along to see me and for everyone else for their help and encouragement.  I feel like that was a HUGE milestone and am BUZZING to get myself to some more events…


Fran x x

(this photo below was as we set up camp and we all agreed that it was a very good sign!) All around you could hear people saying “double raiiinnbowwwww” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQSNhk5ICTI hahaha! So good.