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A journal and workbook for 2020. Complete with online community, guest speakers and an exploration of all the New Moons of 2020. 🚀

CYCLES is an opportunity for you to ask yourself the right questions to navigate 2020.
This is for you to work energetically, to plan your life with intention, focus and trust.

I like to be offline at the New Moon so this is your handbook to work intuitively. At some point after each New Moon we will gather online for a Q&A and I will bring guests into the community to explore different themes and topics. I am not going to format when this happens because that is the easiest way to turn something joyful and explorative into a chore!

This is my first foray into online communities and because I’m finding my feet, this journal and experience is an absolute bargain!

Read more, book a reading or learn more about her work at and follow her on @francescaoddieastrology on instagram for updates and ideas.


New Moon at 4 degrees and 6 minutes Capricorn 5.14am GMT on the 26th of December 2019

Your 2020 goal setting begins EARLY because we have an eclipse on the 26th of December and as well as watching TV and eating leftovers we can jump into the wellspring of opportunity that is a Solar Eclipse conjunct Jupiter! An opportunity for you to rest, reset and connect with your big picture for 2020.

What is your vision for 2020?

The New Moon on Boxing Day is in strategic, ambitious Capricorn. Lucky Jupiter, who is hugging with the lunation and encouraging us to EXPAND with a joyful synchronicity that helps us to spring into 2020 with the agility of a mature, wise, strong, nimble and focussed mountain goat who has just shed some of the heavy load he was carrying.

Reset and leave the past behind. 2020 is a year of key transformations.

This is a South Node eclipse, a point of release. So first things first. Which limiting beliefs can we look in the eye, accept and move on from? Capricorn and Jupiter together encourage us to MOVE ON UP. What did we believe in the past that we no longer want to bring with us?

What does the word FOCUS mean to you? How would you measure how focussed you are? How focussed do you want to be? Keep it realistic but ambitious.

Is there any “stuff” you can give away to get the cycle energy moving and to create space for new things to arrive in your life. Try to donate or gift some of your possessions to someone or a cause. Be practical and don’t overdo it! But C R E A T E S P A C E.

This is just a little piece of the 2020 Journal and Community.

Thanks for reading and see you on the other side!

Francesca x