I was lying in bed with my Castor Oil Pack on earlier thinking, “I really must write about this for my BLOG!”

It’s a rare thing that I get to sit with my computer and free write and the Castor Liver Pack is something you all need to know about it!

A couple of weeks ago I had mental jumping eye nerve thing for over ten days. So tired and jumpy was my body that my nerves started going mad.  I was told by a couple of people that this relates to my liver in Chinese medicine.

“ You should do a Castor Liver Pack” I was told by two people! That’s when I new it was a sign and time to investigate. (Ha!) I had a google and found it to be super simple.

You need:

  • a piece of organic wool (or cotton if you’re fussy like me, I can’t stand wool, it’s too itchy.)
  • castor oil
  • hot water bottle
  • old towel and PJs that you don’t mind getting stained.

That’s it.

Saturate the cloth with castor oil and warm it up on the hot water bottle.

*Don’t get the oil ON the hot water bottle because Castor Oil is POWERFUL and will degrade your hot water bottle over time!*

Place the cloth over your liver, apparently this is just below your ribs on the right hand side. Put the hot water bottle on the cloth. Wrap yourself in a towel and lie down to read a book or snooze. Do this for a minimum of 20 minutes and ideal time of 40 minutes. Maximum time is 2 hours.

My skin was red the first time I did it. However when I did it again the following day there was no redness! Apparently it’s the toxins moving around, so some redness is a good sign!

Yesterday added crystals to the mix, because why not?  There’s a New Moon tomorrow so we are in full on balsamic moon intuitive phase. i.e. get mystical!

I had some grounding haemetite at my feet and , rose quartz on my heart for good measure, amethyst at my crown and some onyx on my third eye.  I’ve become very aware of the affect of too much screen time on my third eye and have too much sensation on my forehead. I can feel the heat and overactivity of so much screen time and the affect it has on my intuition. It’s becoming increasingly important that I protect myself against phone addictions and the light energy that I’m pouring into myself all the time! Also onyx helps us to focus and feel empowered! (Always getting focussed, Capricorn life!)

I KNOW You could say it’s just a headache, but it makes sense that I spend half my life opening up my intuition and half my life staring at a screen – I’m all ears for more ways to cleanse and protect myself from tech. I need to buy some Shungite to keep with me at all times! Shungite is the go to stone for electromagnetic protection and detoxification of the body. For more information on crystals have a read of Tamara Driessen’s book “The Crystal Code.”

THE OTHER thing I did was a little bit of Reiki on my head.  I often do that when I have a headache. I only have Reiki 1 (there are 3 levels of Reiki) which means I can channel this universal energy for friends and family. I really need to do Reiki 2, though it’s not overly useful in an astrology reading…! To learn more about Reiki have a read of Jasmin Harsono’s new book “Self Reiki.”

The combination of the crystals and the warmed oil seeping into my right hand side I felt extra warm, fuzzy and very refreshed when the timer on the oven went off to tell me my jacket potato was ready! NIGHT IN FOR THE WIN!


The sensation I had after using the Castor Oil pack was like when you’ve given yourself a face mask and your face feels extra clean. Or like when you really need a shower and then you finally have one and get all dry and sit down with a cup of tea! That was how I felt after this process, deeply clean and calm. I really really recommend trying it!

Rest is magic and there is something DEEPLY restorative about this oil procedure.  It helps with a giant long list of symptoms;

  • swollen joints
  • bursitis
  • muscle strains
  • constipation relief
  • menstrual irregularities
  • uterine and ovarian cysts

It’s so simple and effective I can’t believe I’d not heard of it before! Try it out and let me know how you get on!


Why do the ends of my nails go SUPER WHITE after I’ve had a nap? Is this a universal thing?