Why use Organic Products?

…because they work best and they are good for you!

They are healing, not chemicals.

For me the question isn’t, why use organic products.  It’s more about using NATURAL products.  I didn’t go down the natural organic route because I wanted to save the world, it was pure vanity!  The fact that it worked was a great aside.  I written about all this in the past so won’t bore you again now!


Nature is the best medicine and essential oils are insanely powerful!

I’ve written lots about my favourite products in the past and just want to update my list with some more favourites…


1. Wild Rose Beauty Balm

SUPERLATIVE.  Simply the best.  Even if you binge on chocolate and wine, your skin can remain mainly unscathed.  VERY few people have told me this has caused flare ups.  Get samples from me first, I’ll post them to you. (It tends to be people who have their moon in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius who can’t use this, I’ve noticed.)


2. Beauty Sleep Concentrate

I only ever have small bottles of this from the currently out of stock Award Winning Skincare Kit.  This bad boy is award winning because it makes you LUMINOUS…


3. Lavender Oil

Fantastic all rounder.  Splash it on your bed sheets, on a piece of cotton wool in your hoover.  At the bottom of your bin!  Use it on burns (neat on the skin is OK if you’re not hyper sensitive.)  Keep a bottle or two at home.  Magic stuff.  I add 10 drops to my moisturiser because it is naturally antibacterial and helps to prevent spots from forming.


4. Yarrow and Comfrey Moisturiser

The only moisturiser I can use daily without problems.  Great for THE MOST sensitive skin.  Comfrey heals scars so great for anyone who has had bad skin in the past.  It also tightens pores, cools and moisturises well.  Add 10 drops of lavender and stir very well for enhanced results!


5. Argan Oil

Not only does this nourish your hair, it means you can wash it less.  You don’t have to suffer with greasy hair… your hair will literally stay fresh for longer!


6. Frankincense Toner

Lift of the last bits of dirt, close pores, freshen up and assist in moisturiser uptake.  Yeaahhhh take that grime off!


7. Frankincense Intense

Removes wrinkles… won all the awards!

Clinically Proven

Our trial study was carried out by a world-class Italian laboratory in compliance with the World Medical Association declaration of Helsinki and with the Colipa Guidelines.

In addition, in independent consumer trials:

  • 100% said their skin looks younger
  • 100% agree their skin texture is smoother and firmer
  • 97% said their skin appears brighter
  • 90% saw a visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


If you are interested in trying ANY of the Neal’s Yard products, not just these mentioned.  Let me know!  I’ll be doing an order over the next couple of days.  For samples too, let me know!

I’m getting closer and closer to being able to fully link aromatherapy and astrology!  Can’t wait!

I will be splitting my standard astrology ramblings and Frankincense and Mirth soon as I would like to get far more into it and it feels like the right time to make a distinction between straightforward astrology and all of this.


Thanks again!


Frank xx