What’s strange is the way astrology actually fits.  The way it works, over and over and over again.

This summer was a hectic period of eclipses, retrogrades and I like to try and ignore these things.  Ignore the hype so to speak.  The more Memes I see, the more I think… yeahhhhh…. but then my website broke, and everything broke and I was so tired all the time that at a certain point you just have to roll with what you already know.  August was the equivalent of shuffling the cards by throwing them all around the room, and it is an effective way of shuffling! However, it takes time to tidy up after that but it encourages you to hoover the corner of your room whilst you’re at it.

Anyway, I am DELIGHTED that my website is functional again, I’m going to blog lots more because I really miss it… the free flow of words that I first indulged in back in 2014 and 2015.  I haven’t done  much since those early cathartic days.


I was enrolled on Intermediate Tarot at The College of Psychic Studies but realised I was far too busy to properly study Tarot on top of Palmistry and Astrology, so needed to switch it to something less time consuming (Tarot is a HUGE and brilliant topic that I underestimated and will one day return to.)

In true Gemini Rising fashion I spent a few weeks deliberating what to do about it but deep inside I knew that Numerology would win out.  Numbers have always been my favourite.  As Mum says, when I was little I was forever asking “do me some sums!” Learning phone numbers, remembering dates and possessing a freakish short term memory recall  that enabled me to fluke my way through school exams.

Numbers numbers numbers…. I haven’t felt this way since the early days of astrology.  Also, I had always seen patterns in Names, I didn’t know what it was or why… letters are linked with Numbers! Course they are.  I remember saying that at school too… I so clearly remember where I was standing when I announced that 1, 2, 3 is the same as A, B, C.  There is a real magic in REMEMBERING, and that course links me to past lives but that is a topic for another day.

I feel like Numerology is the foundation and skeleton that Astrology sits upon.  There is something much more concrete and fundamental to knowing your numbers…



I want to really share more of what I am learning and am exploring how to do that.

Saturn is sitting on my Mercury… there’s a limit to what I can express at the moment, life is more about refinement, focus and streamlining. Planning I am and cannooottt wait to share.

Also, I am testing out my subscription box, not quite sure how it works but if you’re after a newsletter, hit me!


BIG LOVE and can’t wait to connect more,

F xx