Ho ho ho!

How you doing, ?

Let me tell you what’s going on my end…

It was my birthday on Monday and it was a very busy day! I was up, out to brekkie with a friend, out to lunch with Mum, out for drinks with friends and then back to the commune up and talking and drinking tea till 2am. (They drank wine, I drank tea. #standard)

Three of us had birthdays on the 5th and 6th and I REALLY LIKED it not just being my birthday!

I have my Sun in the 7th house of relationships so it makes sense!

If you want to know what I mean when I say “I have my Sun in the 7th house,” then it’s not too late to join my course! I’ve left it on the CYBER WEEK price; mainly because I don’t want to do any admin and partly because I’m feeling generous.

Also – The bursary scheme worked really well, I’m so pleased I decided to roll with it. I’ve loved connecting with everyone on it and very grateful they have been so open with why they need it.

I suppose I’m quite open so there’s no reason for people not to be totally open with me, but I still appreciate it.

ABUNDANCE is a topic that fascinates me. Because lots of spiritual teachers will insist “the universe is abundant and there’s enough room for everyone at the top.”

I’m not sure it’s ENTIRELY true. Perhaps they never played “Musical Chairs” there was only one winner, (and it was me babes!) This little Venus in Capricorn psycho didn’t have fun, play and engage with the other children; I stayed focussed on that chair and I sat on it as soon as the music stopped!

Anyone else?!

I’ve been contemplating the insanely strong-will I had as a child.

At the school we weren’t allowed to play outside unless we ate our lunch. I was a fussy eater and didn’t want to eat my lunch, so I didn’t play. For 3 years. Until I moved school. #moonintaurus

With respect to musical chairs and abundance… I’ll talk more about that in the new year when the nodes shift to Taurus and Scorpio (as explained at very end of this newsletter.)


Cycles 2022 is being turned into a book by the wonderful Karl. I don’t know how long it will take or how many pages it will be. When I know that I can price it and sell it to you.

WITH RESPECT TO A DIGITAL VERSION (people always ask me) I’d probably put it in a mighty network. What I’m pondering is creating some sort of THING. Some sort of NETWORK / monthly meeting situation. Ideas? I have to be REALISTIC and not be a Sagittarius OVER-PROMISER.

If you don’t know what CYCLES 2022 is… well it’s 12000 words of me writing about the New, Full and Quarter Moons and describing the energies and issues we might be feeling.

It’s satisfying to work with because I can be very blunt and direct in my description of the energies, because when I was writing… I didn’t know what I was writing ABOUT! So I didn’t need to tip toe around any issues.

There are journal prompts for each NEW MOON and then just commentary on the other moon phases.

I’ll do a separate email when it’s here and include some extracts!

The advent calendar is good – particularly the last 3 days when I REALLY FELT what I was writing. You can read here. Please ENTER and share it around!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST – there are EIGHT vouchers available here. 3 for longer consultations, 5 for short zesty readings.

They are all in my Etsy shop which has been a little neglected but will be spruced up soon.

When I look at 2018 I know that ALL I DID was WORK – sometimes I think to myself what was I doing?!

Then I remember I was on THREE courses at all times from 2015 – 2019, building my business, doing events, running @magic_momenti, talking to journalists for free, still working on the pet insurance and trying to stay sane and solvent.

I WOULDN’T CHANGE it for the world though would I?! I’m a Sagittarius and I KNEW it would be great when I got there.

So on that note – THANKS FOR BEING HERE. For buying my things and letting me live this astro life.

I wasn’t planning on writing a newsletter, I just felt like it.

2022 is incoming and obviously, I’ve written CYCLES 2022 so I have a fair idea of the shape and energy of the year. I made a video about it all today, it’s here. It’s a live chat about the angry astrology of today (apparently the F1 demonstrated this well?!)

Some things I’d like you to read about and be aware of going forwards given the astrology of next year:




After reading those articles you may want to remind yourself that the nodal axis will be moving to Taurus / Scorpio very soon.

Taurus rules all of the above!!

Do you want me to do an overview of 2022 event? I can promise it will be blunt, slightly opinionated but with opportunities for you to speak up, ask questions and get involved.


Francesca xxx