Dearest Friends,

I’m writing this here because MailChimp is being naughty. I’m switching everything over next month. BORING info for you, but a lesson for us all with Mercury about to go Retrograde in Aquarius (and Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and from next week Venus in Aquarius.)

At 3.51pm on the 30th of January Mercury switches into Retrograde Motion, the optical illusion that receives sooo much press! (Because Mercury rules the press and he’s the cosmic trickster, begging himself up!)

ALL EYES on Mercury Retrograde in AQUARIUS themes.

Usual Mercury Retrograde info:

  • All the re -words
  • Revamp
  • Review
  • Reinstate
  • Renegotiate
  • Reconsider before you send that message…!
  • The post may be delayed so send things tracked (seems Mercury has been retrograde in the UK for a few months!!)
  • Rethink any purchases. You don’t know everything about it yet, that car may have a faulty engine.
  • Leave time for travel, expect mad delays.
  • Tech mix ups.
  • Computers being erratic for now reason.
  • Emails not being sent and received.

As this is in Aquarius and Mercury will NEARLY meet Saturn and NEARLY Square Uranus towards the end of Feb we have to really think about TECHNOLOGY.

On the 17th of February Saturn and Uranus will form a tight square… buckle up for INNOVATORS vs LEGISLATORS. It’s so interesting how this breakout into the future is controlled by old systems. My Instagram stories are full of it. Especially crypto chat.! We are watching history be made and it’s so interesting to “hear” and “see” the astrological symbolism in full flow.

  • Back up websites.
  • Passwords
  • Email lists
  • Add extra security
  • Take a deep breath and SLOW down before racing ahead
  • When posed with challenges, reach out to your network to see if they have solutions that could make your life easier.

Look for:

  • Consider the implications of censorship and certain things you write on line being blocked.
  • More trading carnage such as we saw with RobinHood this week.
  • Rebels being chastised, but fighting back.
  • Tech disruptions.
  • More aeroplane news as air travel is reviewed.
  • More vaccine distribution and efficacy news.


BACK UP, add security. Do the extra password thing they suggest but you never bother with. 

I just took 10 minutes out to do it (instead of write it and not do it, as I might usually do!)

Viruses, cyber attacks, data breaches are all high on the agenda for next month. So I’m saving my mailing lists, backing everything up and doing what I can. You can’t go wrong with being a little bit more secure.


Personal Astrology

This will impact us all differently, which house of your horoscope aligns with Aquarius? This will help you understand where this opportunity to reinvigorate your a part of your life lies.


Aquarius – self, identity, appeareance, a brand new you

Capricorn – possessions, money, self esteem, things you own

Sagittarius – siblings, communications, neighbours, how you communicate

Scorpio – home, roots, where you’ve come from, how to connect with family

Libra – children, creative projects, fun, anything you give birth to and make

Virgo – health, habits, routine, work, diet

Leo – relationships, partnerships, open-enemies, online dating

Cancer – sex, death, other people’s money, investments

Gemini – travel, issues abroad, faith, higher education, how to connect and share ideas

Taurus – Career, status, legacy, making a new mark on the world

Aries – friendships, networks, groups, expanding your social connections

Pisces – the unconscious, our dreams, “karma,” future life progressions


Things that might interest you:

  • My relationship astrology event is FREE and always available here.
  • Personal Numerology Event is on the 18th of Feb at 8pm. £13 until the 4th of Feb.
  • If you’ve not listened to my Astrology Oddcast, I’ve made a few now covering, The Astrology of 2021, Bitcoin, Past Life Healing, Tarot, Breathwork and more… find it in all of the Podcast places!

I’m moving out of my flat this weekend and retrograding back to Nottingham! Need to go and pack my car with inconceivable about of items that have seemingly been breeding…!

Chat soon,

Francesca xx

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