17th of September 2020


Today we have a New Moon in Virgo. A time to pause, set your intentions and decide what you want to bring into the next cycle with you. Virgo sorts the wheat from the chaff, and with Mars forming an awkward aspect to this New Moon I would say, “yes be discriminating. No, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

Mars Retrograde

Mars can be stupid at the best of times. When he’s retrograde and has Saturn standing over him watching his every move he could be extra reckless.

The energy of Mars is youthful AKA childish. Aries energy is inspiring and fun, it’s also petulant, temperamental and the embodiment of sort of children I avoided at primary school. The kids in the sandpit who threw sand everywhere, snatched toys of each other and wailed loudly when they didn’t get their own way. Even when I was 5 I thought that was stupid (speaks the stellium in Capricorn! I was born old.)

So now there are Capricorn types watching over these Aries children. How long do you think they let them behave like that? Approx 10 seconds. Then they take their toys off them as and send them to the classroom to catch up on the work they didn’t do earlier in the day because they were too busy messing around in class.

Mars is Retrograde in Aries is not amused by this… It would be constructive is for him to catch up on the work, develop more skills, find that he can channel his energy into something when he’s more disciplined.  But he’s Mars… so he’s tempted to smash things up, draw on the walls, have a tantrum. Mars in Aries HATES being told what to do, hates having to reflect on his own behaviour and bad temper, hates authority. He likes fighting for fighting sake.

If we can quell the fire inside and do the constructive work then it’s all good… this Mars Retrograde is a time to go back over old things.

Mars in Aries may or may not be controlled. Sometimes a little rebellion is a good thing…who said that the controlled way is the best way?


The UNINHIBITED recklessness of the other children is natural.

The control, rules, regulations, excessive caution, inhibited behaviours of the Capricorn planets could be told to “live a little” and “loosen up.”

The tension Aries VS Capricorn in square aspect to one another over the next few months is insane!

At the New Moon remember that Mars is prodding the lunation and this is why my advice is “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”  

If you have planets at the late degrees of Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and or Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) then this can be a very productive time/pressured time. An atmosphere for creating diamonds.

If you don’t know what I mean by Earth and Cardinal, complete the free workshops here.

I wrote more on the New Moon here on Instagram; click this post to read the full update taken from CYCLES 2020.


Focus, planning, health, routine, discernment is strong but look to the house this New Moon falls in. That’s where you can plant new seeds and watch with amazement as they  germinate over the next few weeks.

Healthy routines are number one on this list! Eat yo greens! Do your meditation! Watch your life CHANGE. So many people say they want to change, but they never do. With this super challenging and constructive tussle between Mars and the Capricorn Stellium, things will develop.

Watch the headlines. Watch institutions shift. Watch the banks. Watch the difference in the laws between the youths and the elitist government we have in play.

Things to do


Reduce sugar and caffeine from your diet


Seek to understand why you procrastinate

Meditate to ease worry

Go herbal

Watch where you are overly critical

Observe any obsessive and compulsive behaviours (including workaholism)

Commit to punctuality

Set your intentions at 12.00 BST on the 17th of September (or within 8 hours of the new moon!)



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Francesca x