New Moon in Pisces:

GMT 16.04 6th March

EST – 11.04 6th March

PST – 8.04am 6th March

“To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul.  To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of, because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions.”

Pisces is intrinsically connected with introspection but this New Moon takes that mood and amplifies it.  

I hope you have had one of those moments in life where you are overwhelmed with love, whether it’s a magnificent view of nature, meeting your child for the first time, looking into the gentle gaze of the person you love or perhaps a wonderful fleeting sense of love that catches you by surprise on a random day, when you just feel that you are exactly where you need to be and life is beautiful.  These moments are profound because of the connection we feel to an infinite source of love. It’s not words that take us there    usually silence and internal magic.

This Pisces New Moon is providing us with the right atmosphere to connect to something higher and bigger than ourselves, but we get there by going within.  What does it mean to go within?  Just be quiet! Stop doing stuff, leave the phone alone.  Slow doesn’t enough to remember that if it makes you feel SAD it’s probably wrong, but if the mood lifts you HIGH, then follow the call of what sets your heart on fire. It’s so easy to forget this simple basic equation.  It is foolproof… 

ALMOST foolproof and I have to say that because we can become utterly delusional under these Pisces skies and falling in love with a narcissist can feel like the most exquisite experience of your life. Also, we can simply create a fantasy out of nothing when Pisces and Neptune are involved.  

“You gave me anxiety and I called it love” 

If that’s the vibe then you may want to reconsider and remember that love amongst lots of other things feels easy, natural and safe.  If you’re having to guess where someone will be and do all the work… it’s unbalanced.

If Pisces and Neptune dominate your chart and evasiveness abounds, this could be the time to dig deep and let inspiration strike!  Uranus forms a semi-square to this lunation and the shifts and insights that arrive could be unexpected and sudden.  Compounded by the fact that Uranus shifts signs just hours before and a square to Venus.  It’s like being electrocuted! So Pisces types could take this opportunity to be guided by their feelings and EXPRESS them.  By pushed by them.  

Affairs of the heart could be edgy, inspired, fresh, come from nowhere, end out of no where. Unexpected.  But managing all those feelings will lead you somewhere new and it could be very healing.  I say that about this New Moon because there are so many exceptional transits and celestial placements.  On the 5th, Mercury turn Retrograde at the final degree of the zodiac!  29 desires Pisces!  What a degree!  The zodiac starts at 0 Aries and goes all  the way round to 29 Pisces, this degree is full of accumulated wisdom.

When Mercury turns retrograde at this position he is making sure he got it right.  ALSO, Chiron remains at 0 Aries so the two are so close, just talking over the fence in a neighbourly fashion.  “Would you just go back and check there is nothing else we need to heal?” Says Chiron, “sure, no prob, I’ll be back at Easter!”

There is a Full Moon on Good Friday, at the 29th degree of Libra.  Another critical degree, and this is when Chiron and Mercury meet again, but this time they are both in Aries and both ready to  radically shake up their relationships.  On Easter Saturday, Venus will be at the 29th degree of Pisces and Mercury and Chiron will make an exact meeting… in a strangly Biblical parallel the events of Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday invite is into a well of re-thinking, feeling, exploring, healing, depth, surprises and asks us to explore the spiritual, the cosmic and the collective unconscious that culminates at Easter.  Find the wilderness, explore the temptations.

 I’ll write something else about connecting with our intuition and some tips on how to do that.  But here are some tips for starters.

Ways to do this?

  • Meditate
  • Swim
  • Walk in nature
  • Journal
  • Yoga
  • Listen to Music
  • Read the images of the Tarot
  • Dance
  • Bath time – follow @_wolfsister’s beautiful ritual in her book The Crystal Code
  • If you want to talk to someone first to get the ideas flowing you could book a reading with me or someone else in this field.
  • As ever the New Moon is about setting intentions, making goals, writing them down and letting the magic of the universe bring them to life.

With a Pisces New Moon the focus could be on healing, connection, charity, artistic endeavours, meditation, sacrifice, self-sacrifice, intuition, expanding our intuition, 

This is an opportunity and a half!  But we have to connect.  With mercury turning retrograde at the super sensitive 29th degree people are going to be irritable and overwhelmed. GO GENTLY, with yourself and with them.  There are insecurities and sensitivities flying about all over the place.  OBSERVE and interpret what hurts you, look for the answers inside.  The other people are just reflections of yourself.

There is so much to be gained this week, I look forward to hearing from you.

Big love,

F xx

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