When I was writing CYCLES I thought that this was the most opportune and exciting new moon of the year.  I pulled the Ace of Crystals for the lunation, it’s a real GO GET EM card. An opportunity to create something new in your life.

I’ve been watching The Morning Show on my phone, there’s a line in it where she says something like, “sometimes sweetie men won’t give women the power so the women just have to just take it from them.”  Timely! Very Venus square to Pluto (as we have today.)

I liked this review of the show in The Guardian: “The star-studded, $15m-an-episode series is a scramble of bad dialogue and thinly sketched characters yet its handling of sexual politics is grimly transfixing.”

Genders needs not be relevant here but there is something in that line that resonates and reverberates around this New Moon.  TAKE THE POWER, infuse your dreams with courage. Whichever house in your birth chart is receiving this New Moon is where you can shift the paradigm. 

Venus conjunct Eris in Aries is a fireball of action. Elbows out, heart on FIRE.  I used to dread public speaking. I was the shyest child in the world and didn’t really talk openly till I was in my 20s… my shyness will always be there and arrives from time to time without warning.  But there’s a fire, a passion, a ZEAL that makes me speak. It’s not about me. I’m not relevant in the movement of ideas from A to B.Years of MUTE observation, of being too scared (too Mercury in Capricorn) to get mix anything wrong.

Now I speak out because I can’t stand neutral bystanders who watch it all unfold because someone decided that “not getting involved” was the wise and sensible thing to do. 

“Don’t get involved, it’s not worth it.”

Is that true?

This New Moon chart is brilliant and full of potential for so many reasons.  Mars at the South Node will form an exact sextile to the lunation bringing our most creative, dreamy and connected Pisces dreams into fruition with a PUSH from hardworking Mars in Capricorn.  This is a really ambitious Mars and because he’s at the South Node we are releasing the inhibitions and FEARS that kept us working to succeed and please people… we are now syphoning off penitent Mars and refining him with righteous indignation and action. 

A New Moon in the last sign of the Zodiac is such a magical opportunity for rest, intuitive wisdom and connection.  You don’t have to be BUSY and stressed all the time!  

Technology! Washing machines, FaceTime, astrology software and smart phones should make our lives EASIER, NOT BUSIER.  Just because we can do everything faster does not mean we have to still work 9-5 and achieve 3 times more than people would’ve done 50 years ago.

 I can have LOADS of meetings on FaceTime because I don’t need to drive all over the country.  I can draw up charts in a matter of seconds… but the human bit, the Pisces, intuitive, Uranian bit still needs my energy to pour into the chart and read someone’s energy; to translate the chart.  

I used to see some many people for readings but it’s really exhausting, I can only do 2 or maximum 3 full 90 minute readings per day and do them well.

How does this apply to your life? Take a step back and see how technology enables you more freedom and flexibility and if you can, find a way to enjoy your time instead of filling it until you’re dizzy. Mars Uranus, be efficient and free yourself from the rat race!

Here speaks Mars in Capricorn Trine to Uranus in Taurus.  Yes, get shit done, but then own your time. Make the rules and LIBERATE (Uranus) yourself.  Uranus in Taurus forming this aspect to Mars at the South Node speaks about MONEY and POWER and earnings, status and comfort.  Saturn rules Capricorn and he is lord of karma and lord of TIME.  His Geek name is Kronos and speaks of all things Chronological.  With Uranus tipping everything on his head (as he does) the chronological order is disprupted.  Do we need to do things the way our forefathers did them? NOPE.  The rules are being rewritten. This is modernisation, this is quick learning, this is the next generation improving the generation before… THIS IS EVOLUTION. This is a technological evolution and it is FAST and it is cutting and it is honest.

(Did you see Dave’s performance at the Brits?) https://www.standard.co.uk/showbiz/celebrity-news/dave-black-streams-brits-performance-a4367286.html

Here are some Mars at the South Node trine Uranus in Taurus lines;

Workin’ twice as hard as the people you know you’re better than (Mars at the South Node.) ‘Cause you need to do double what they do so you can level them. It is racist whether or not it feels racist. (Mercury Retrograde in Pisces SAYING what is FELT.)

Black is people namin’ your countries on what they trade most Coast of Ivory, Gold Coast, and the Grain Coast.(Everything in Capricorn at the South Node. Nepotistic, Capitalist, Patriarchal and very outdated modes of being.)

Venus in Aries is taking the power into her own HANDS.  She WANTS.  It’s a dirty word ‘want’ isn’t it? I cringe a bit when I hear friends say “I want to do this and I want to do that.”  I’m so CAPRICORN, so drowning in this Saturn, in my good manners that I couldn’t ever be so brash to tell people what I want.

Do you know how debilitating that is? It’s a British thing and the way I was raised, not only that, it’s a “well-mannered” habit.  Don’t say what you want… wait to see if they offer it to you.  It discombobulates our instincts, it teaches us to suppress our desires.  Feel the fire in your belly, see the excitement at what you want and DAMPEN that fire, take a step back, let them have it. That’s the realm of Saturn and the sky is so full of excessive good manners, who benefits from all our good manners? Why are they important?

I still shout “thank you!” to the bus driver and love manners in other people. But it’s still worth having a poke around and exploring our motivations and ingrained behaviours to give them an upgrade.

It Venus in Aries takes what she wants and it is POWERFUL and it can be intimidating to others.  The Capricorn collective might sit at the south node and criticise her in their Saturnian tones… someone is too this or too that, too fresh, too greedy, too easy, too outspoken, too brash, too overconfident.  But who do we want to be?  Where do you want your life to go?  In the direction you WANT, or the direction they EXPECT from you?  Or even WORSE, the IMAGINED direction YOU THINK THEY EXPECT!

If you are honest and kind, what more do you need to do to please “them?” The news with Caroline Flack has shown us that we need to address a new value system that promotes kindness as an antidote to excessive judgment (everything in Capricorn at the South Node.)

What do you want?

New Moon intentions are about writing what you want to see in your life and with Pisces themes that are heavily influenced by the ability to MAKE MANIFEST new visions and dreams, write them, with passion, write them with clarity, write them because you want to feel different.

I haven’t mentioned Mercury Retrograde but in CYCLES I referred to him as the “much maligned” Mercury Retrograde because he can be absolutely fantastic.  He brings synchronistic awareness to everything we need to know and understand, he allows us to slow down and read between the lines.  He shows us the weak spots that need addressing.

As per my post the other day on instagram, the north node in cancer wants us to CONNECT.  Remember the algorhythm is a bully, remember that social media, all media is GLOSSY, it’s not real!! The truth is FELT not read.

The truth is known.  The truth is love.  WATER, the element of water, of knowing, feelings and gut instinct is where the truth lies.  

Who says we have enough WORDS to explain everything that needs to be explained? There are words missing in our language. Words in German and Japanese that perfectly illustrage feelings we cannot express. Words are insufficient sometimes.

Words are AIR, they are rational.  They are ideas.  We add more words to the dictionary every year and the language we use today is very different to the language of Shakespeare because language EVOLVES.  Language is incomplete, just as science is incomplete.  Rational faculties are limited by the developments of the material world.

Truth, hope and love are felt.  At this New Moon in Pisces, with Mercury Retrograde and some superbly GET IT DONE, NOW, aspects in the sky was have the heartfelt passion and practicality to make a difference in our lives.  It takes energy, it takes love and has to be your truth.  The number one advice business book will give to entrepreneurs is “are you PASSIONATE about it?”  If it’s a “good idea” it doesn’t matter.  It has to be a PASSION and you have to be on fire, you have to CARE because that ensures you will follow through when the times get tough.  

The north node is in Cancer and we are focussed on what we care about.    The way forward is through your heart’s desire.  Don’t worry what “they” say, they don’t know what they are doing either! Just make your plan and make it happen. This is a 22 year and as I wrote it’s the 22nd of February an I can feel this ambitious energy flowing through me with the potential to CHANGE things beyond previous visions. This is the time to decide.

Today Mars is at 4 degrees Capricorn (where the eclipse was on Boxing day and very close to my natal Mercury in Capricorn) which is why this blog post is so much more FIREY than my usual “It’s a New Moon, rest and enjoy the show” posts! Mars is also “out of bounds” which you don’t really need to understand it just means he’s extra hot and extra determined to get things done!

If you are feeling, angry, resentful and disempowered at this New Moon then it’s a good time to ask yourself some questions and decide how things would be if they were to feel better.

Everyone, absolutely everyone is making it up as they go along.
However some people are totally clueless and trying to fit in to society but others are meditating, connecting with spirit and receiving guidance. There is an infinite wisdom out there and it speaks to us in many many ways. Energy speaks volumes. Trust it.

It’s the New Moon in the final sign of the zodiac, in Pisces at 3.32pm tomorrow.  Write down ten things you WANT to see manifest in your life. I’m not saying you’ll get them all, I think nature will do it’s thing and you will have expressed what you want; there’s power in that.


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