NEW MOON IN LEO ♌️ 💖 amazing pic by @naturabruta

I wanted to expand upon what I’ve written on instagram because I want to write freely without having to chop my word count and replace all the ands with ampersands!

Here it goes…

This a fragrant, kaleidoscopic, rambunctious hot new moon.💛

Just minutes before Mercury stations direct the moon dips into a bath of glamour, love and glory. Ready to enter the dressing room, have blow dry 💁🏽‍♀️ and step out on to the stage to give the performance of their lives. 💃🏽 Full of heart, courage and warmth. This is a confident energy and optimism breeds wildly.

The big fly in the ointment is Uranus square to this lunation. This can mean an unexpected turn of events or it could indicate that you will be upstaged, the plug is pulled, or change your mind or decide to “drop the act” and use this opportunity with the microphone to express what you really feel. (The audience may not approve!) I’m always a big fan of such Uranian energy where AUTHENTICITY is the order of the day. However, the square aspect is tense and means we can overdo it, being difficult for the sake of being difficult. Controversial for controversial’s sake.

Address the truth with nobility, not aggression.

The temptation could be to drop verbal bombs!

Both Mercury and Jupiter are humming in limbo, neither really moving forwards nor backwards. They have that intense feeling when watching something in slow motion, where every word, expression and movement is almost painfully slow in its execution. Time slows down. As you watch the trainwreck or have your breath taken away by the sheer magnificence of it all. What will it be? Well that depends on the Gods, on fates, on your decisions… whichever you choose!

This is a BIG POINT that I couldn’t go into on the gram. Two very slow planets that are emphasised with their slow motion, high definition movie. Two opposite principles; Jupiter and Mercury but both of them are concerned with information.

If a New Moon is always a moment to pause, disconnect, turn off the phone and tap into your intentions (you MUST do this.) Then with these planets very slow in the sky then these intentions are extra poignant. There is more oomph to what you can do. Not as much as an eclipse, but still some turbo charge. Also, because we are dealing with REGAL LEO, this requires us to put our shoulders back, stiffen our spine and be confident in our choices and decisions. Uranus CUTS OFF, to decide is to CUT. There is some clarity and sure-ness to this lunation.

Jupiter is forming a JOYFUL and happy trine to the new moon just AMPING UP the colour. Which means that Neptune is challenging this aspect with delusions and dreams that are entirely unrealistic. We need to apply DISCERNMENT to all that we do right through to October, for the duration of this Jupiter – Neptune aspect.

MAKE YOUR INTENTION TO be HONEST, LOVING & BRAVE. Roar like a lion and shoulder the responsibility of leadership. Be NOBLE.

This song popped into my head as I wrote the Instagram post: it has the stage presence of the Leo, the shock factor of Uranus and the fun of Jupiter with a hint of Neptune (because The UK won Eurovision in 1981!) Watch it here! Ha!

You gotta speed it up
And then you gotta slow it down
‘Cause if you believe that our love can hit the top
You gotta play around
But soon you will find that there comes a time
For making your mind up

You gotta turn it on
And then you gotta put it out
You gotta be sure that it’s something
Everybody’s gonna talk about
Before you decide that the time’s arrived
For making your mind up

Don’t let your indecision
Take you from behind
Trust your inner vision
Don’t let others change your mind

And now you really gotta burn it up
And make another fly by night
Get a run for your money
And take a chance and it’ll turn out right
But when you can see how it’s gotta be
You’re making your mind up.

As Venus in Leo, Olivia Newton John said in Greece #tellmeaboutitstud 💃🏽 it doesn’t take much to lift your confidence, just a change in ATTITUDE.

What do you have planned for this new moon? 🌚


A few thoughts on what you can ponder at this lunation according to your sign:

Leo or Rising Leo

What you give is what you get – upgrade your vibe and watch the world unfold around you. Your IDENTITY is refreshed.

Virgo or Rising Virgo

Is this the time to look at your dreams? Intuitively you know there are things to address. It doesn’t have to be a long process. Your SUBCONSCIOUS is refreshed.

Libra or Rising Libra

Get a group together and ENJOY yourself. The eclipses have been heavy. Throw a party at the Full moon. Your FRIENDSHIPS are refreshed.

Scorpio or Rising Scorpio

What’s happening at work? Your career is being refreshed. If you’re the quiet sort, it could be time to break the mould. Your LEGACY is on the cards.

Sagittarius or Rising Sagittarius

HOLY GUACAMOLE Ain’t this a party. I don’t know where to begin other then. DO YOUR THING. Take August for every last drop of joy it has to offer. Don’t waste a second.

Capricorn or Rising Capricorn

Time to celebrate with your most intimate friends and focus on where you invest your time and energy. Your most private self is GOLDEN.

Aquarius or Rising Aquarius

Single? Get dating! I mean it, internet dating, speed dating… anything? Go meet people. In a relationship, book something unusual or surprise your partner at home. Your RELATIONSHIPS are revamping.

Pisces or Rising Pisces

How is work? Do you gym? Do you have a good routine? Think about changing things around? Perhaps you want to be more mindful? Your ROUTINES are revamping.

Aries or Rising Aries

You’re on fire with creativity and the desire to work independently! Try it out, show people your full potential and don’t be afraid to lead. Your CREATIVITY is ignited.

Taurus or Rising Taurus

Your home and relationship with the family is of utmost priority now. Can you bring more colour and life into your home? Want a new environment try now whilst your ROOTS are being renovated.

Gemini or Rising Gemini

Communication is your THING and with all this fire in your mind, it’s time to speak with confidence and shake up a few taboos. Say what’s on your mind, Mercury is Direct. It’s safe(r) to be candid.

Cancer or Rising Cancer

Your personal finances are looking interesting. Have some issues been highlighted since the eclipse? Now is the time to get your house in order. Your value system is highlighted!

THANKS LADS! More coming soon. If you’d like to book a reading head to my consultations page.

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