It’s a Capricorn takeover next week and I’m finding this fascinating!

I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard two different musicians talk about how they see everything through the lens of music. One of them was Nile Rodgers, saying every scene, every person, everything he looks at has a chord so he constantly has a tune in his head.  Music, maths, art and astrology are all linked in that way, all a little right brained.  When you learn the language of astrology, you see it in everything, everywhere and at all times…

I’ll write in a bare-bones Saturn way (honouring my Solar Return chart where Saturn sits on my Mercury.)

  • Saturn; rules, restrictions, regulations and structure.  I’m going to stick to the point and the extra fluff goes out the window.  Concise + relevant.  Anyone with Mercury (mercury = communication style) in aspect to Saturn in their natal chart are neat communicators.  If they dare to proffer their opinion, they will be sure of what they are saying, they will have done the WORK (Saturn) and their thoughts will have been researched.  I have Mercury in Capricorn (Saturn rules Capricorn) and so have always been a big big big fan of straight to the point, bullet-points.
  • I wrote a post on Instagram the other day about Capricorn being a feminine sign.  Now, I don’t know if this is something only I experience but I *think* that as we consider the Cancer-Capricorn axis to be about Mother and Father, the axis of parenting where Cancer is the Mother; we tend to think of Capricorn as the Father.  We do, it’s a fact.  The USA is a Cancerian nation, the UK, we are Capricorn.  Stiff upper lip, don’t cry, work in a bank, express emotions with awkwardness. However, Capricorn is a feminine sign.  FEMININE.  Yin. Receptive.  Earth and water signs are nurturing and quiet. Stay with that thought.
  • Saturn has just gone HOME to Capricorn.  Saturn rules Capricorn, so with the Saturn ingress into Capricorn that happened just before Christmas we are seeing the THEMES for the next 2.5 – 3 years (the duration Saturn remains in each sign) in the media.



  • I particularly like this last headline because it resonates so strongly with the chart of yesterday and today.  Scorpio and Capricorn are sexy.  They wear black and they seduce, focus and stay quiet.  They are feminine signs but at least to me, feel quite masculine at times.  Particularly Capricorn.  The energy of Capricorn is paternal (so we say) it’s the father, the boss, the leader.  Someone who rolls up their sleeves and gets the job done. Leo is the other leader of the zodiac but they are more of the Santa Claus variety (work one day a year, employ a happy and empowered work force and enjoy life.)

  • So with everything in Capricorn:
    • Pluto has been there since 2008 and will be until 2023.
    • Venus and the Sun are there for a few more days.
    • Mercury will arrive tomorrow.
    • Saturn arrived on the 20th of December 2017.
    • The moon will arrive on the 14th of Jan.

We can say that there is a very strong Cap theme and all of this is in sextile (a functioning and able relationship where the planets are 60 degrees apart in the sky) to Lucky Jupiter and Active Mars in Scorpio.  ie. Get sexy like a Scorpio.  Make parenting sexy, for everyone.  Remember everything is in axis; we need a home with well cooked meals to be able to thrive in the workplace.  Whether it’s a nanny, a single parent juggling or a power couple, both have to exist for harmony to shine.

  • Astrologers have been speculating about what the Pluto demolition of Capricorn will do for us.  In 2008 when Pluto arrived in Capricorn… well, we all know what happened to the banks.  Reminder: Capricorn rules institutions, hierarchy, structure, work, mountains, The UK… and Pluto rules Scorpio (it destroys anything that isn’t functioning and STRENGTHENS what does work.)  When Pluto entered Capricorn he’d been in Sagittarius for 12/13 years.  Sagittarius is notoriously over the top, over spending, living beyond our means etc… Capricorn follows Sagittarius as the pessimistic (realistic) antidote to living beyond our means.  #creditcrunch
  • Now, I feel that this demolition could actually be the demolition of morons in power.  I’ll say it again, Scorpio and Capricorn are feminine signs, they are receptive, intuitive and perceptive.
  • Disclaimer – we are ALL masculine and feminine (Male and Female describes biological gender, Masculine and Feminine describes psychological and behavioural styles innate in all of us)  Though as the age of gender neutral Aquarius beckons… we shall see!
  • What we need is balance, we need equality, women and the feminine needs to RISE in true Capricorn style, to the TOP.
  • What we see at the beginning of an ingress (the first days of a planet residing in a new sign) sets the tone and maybe this tone is going to be better for women than we previously thought.

Final Thoughts

Ok, that’s my brain splash on this topic.  I wanted to mention a wonderful teacher of mine who sadly passed away the day before Saturn moved into Capricorn.  A lady who herself had a Capricorn moon and was dedicated to the rise of young women.  My school teacher Mrs Kelly who was unusually wise, unusually intelligent and exceptionally good at explaining complex topics simply.  How lucky we were to have been so inspired by her ethics, wisdom and love at such a young age.  It is up to us now to live out that legacy and sow the seeds that she planted.

After all that I’ve not written about the New Moon next week, just an update about the new year, the skies and the theme for ALL THIS CAPRICORN with a little bit of deep work from Scorpio.  Get on with it, don’t mess around, reap what you sow, focus, set your goal.  Not because it’s January, you should set goals every month at the New Moon, but set a goal that is your life’s mission and passion.  Something that you love and want to nurture.  Working on yourself is one thing, but working on others spreads the message much further.  That’s why teachers and caretakers are so important.

I hope this little explanation of SOME of the vibes out there this week has inspired you to learn more astrology!  Please do subscribe to my newsletter by visiting or emailing me on  If anything isn’t clear, get in touch.  There is more info about what I do on my website in the consultations section and the events page WILL be updated when I get round to it….!!


F xxx