Newsletter sent 23rd April 2022

Good Morning!

This is a newsLETTER to talk about some of the things I’ve been thinking about but not been able to share this week because I’ve felt dreadful.

SATURN at 23 Aquarius.

I have my Moon at 23 Taurus so whether you speak astrology or not; let me explain…

If you think of Aquarius as being February, and Taurus as being May, then you can see in your mind’s eye that they are 3 months apart, representing a quarter of the year.

A SQUARE has 4 corners, 4 quarters.

Astrologers map each day of the year as a degree, so when I have the Moon at 23 Taurus and transiting Saturn in the sky is  SQUARE to that point… that’s the transit. And thus I’ve been feeling ill all week because Saturn square to the Moon is not great for feeling well. For me this included some head exploding sinusitis. 👹

What we also have in the sky at the moment, are the transiting nodes in Taurus and Scorpio exactly square to Saturn. Loading us with karmic lessons.

This morning I feel better and I’m pleased with myself because I’ve only used homeopathy, herbs and natural TAURUS TYPE things to heal. I’ve struggled with sinusitis my whole life, it was particularly bad (now that I come to think of it) when I was 18 and 19. Which is the last time the nodes where where they are now. During my A levels and first year of Uni I thought my head was going to explode.

Whilst I was completing my A Levels I had shingles, impetigo, sinusitis and hay fever. The impetigo was misdiagnosed as MORE shingles so I was put on more antivirals + anti histamines… all of it left me WIPED OUT!

When I started writing this letter to you this morning, I wasn’t planning on discussing 2003/2004 but it all makes more sense now! (I have my moon in the 12th house of my horoscope, which often indicates someone needs who to write things down to fully understand them. The person with the moon in the 12th only feeds (moon) themselves when they share with “the collective.”)

To explain, I have Saturn in the 6th house in my birth chart which makes me fascinated with health, healing, natural health and I have had to learn about these things out of necessity (Saturn). Now that Saturn is square to my Moon I’ve spent the week “on a practical” actively using all the potions that I keep in my room. It’s been a real life experiment.

I have had sinusitis badly SO MANY TIMES. I always had Sudafed ready to go. Lemsip, Neurofen… all the usual shiz. But I would feel groggy for days, sometimes weeks. Often I would end up at the Dr and need antibiotics after weeks of a stagnated head!

HOWEVER, this time, as the north node is on my Moon with Saturn square to this transit I’ve used ginger tea, Tiger Balm and homeopathy to kick the pain and pressure in my head and I’m PLEASED. Delighted! Yesterday, I thought my head was going to explode and today it’s all good. THAT IS MAGIC!

*I’ve also been reminded not to push myself into poor health by failing to say NO or WAIT. (Taurus’ fave words!)

That’s the first thing I wanted to say about Saturn in Aquarius.

The second thing is that Johnny Depp has Saturn at 23 Aquarius in his birth chart.

I don’t really follow current affairs. I don’t have a TV. My friends are mostly weirdos who talk about astrology and occult things all the time BUT I do spend lots of time on Instagram…

I had a look at Johnny Depp’s chart (see this reel video here) and the first thing I saw was a very challenged moon. This prompted me to ask the gram “what was his mum like?”

Apparently his mother was very abusive and that is a massive indicator that the female archetype that lies within him is not that kind… and he went out and married her.

I’ve not followed closely but I did see a post on Instagram this morning that is a recording of a conversation between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp where she is saying something along the lines of “you tell the world that you’ve been a victim of abuse and see if they believe you.”

“I will,” is what he replied.

And HERE WE ARE, at Johnny’s second Saturn Return, with Saturn in his 7th house of relationships and partners and the question is, do we believe him? Who will the Jury believe?

This FASCINATES me because I have had such issues with Saturn in Aquarius since the planet arrived there in March 2020.

I remember seeing the police patrolling the Derbyshire Dales with a megaphone telling people to go home, get out of the fresh air and stay home because of the pandemic.

I thought to myself, “I think George Orwell had Saturn in Aquarius.”

This issue of TRUTH, information, censorship and freedom of speech and movement has been HUGE for Saturn in Aquarius.

Saturn in Aquarius has matched the energetics of censored speech and pervasive hashtags that cannot be challenged. #ibelieveher being one of them.

This is where it gets interesting, because as a woman writing this I understand the importance of believing women. However, BLANKET approaches to anything where Saturn BLOCKS the INDIVIDUAL (Aquarius) and leads us to a reality where EVERYONE must do the same thing… is here being demonstrated as absurd.

Any of you with Saturn in Aquarius in your natal chart (or even planets and placements in Aquarius) know that it’s for you to be different. Aquarius challenges the status quo and does not conform.

When Johnny Depp stands up and says “I’m am man and I was a victim of domestic abuse” he flips (Aquarius) the narrative and as he stands on the world stage and we all remember to take each situation on it’s own merits. As Johnny owns his unconventional Saturn in Aquarius and speaks his truth he is experiencing the painful but hopefully rewarding experience of Saturn’s promotion.

Saturn takes us up a level, gives us lived experience. He is where we learn the hard way but gives us wisdom from tough lessons that are life’s greatest teachers. These tricky Saturn transits, solidify who we are and give us a stronger sense of self.

These are my Saturn in Aquarius stories and I hope your Saturn transits are providing you with some not too painful lessons.

IN OTHER NEWS – there is an eclipse next Saturday and I want to do a workshop that will help us get to grips with our biggest value based vision.

There’s lots of CHAT about eclipses, “don’t charge your crystals, don’t set intentions, don’t go out without your hat…” type vibes. However, in my experience eclipses are to be handled with special care BUT they are HUGE charges of energy. This one is erratic, it’s unpredictable and I’m 90% sure that the financial markets are going to do some “unexpected” madness.

So before we get all upset about life, money, food and possibility, let’s get aligned on what we want and why we want it according to our charts and how this eclipse will impact you.


I found myself digging into this yesterday – WHY do you want these things? WHY does it matter? WHY do I want to share all this astrology? When you know why and it’s rooted in your VALUES (according to your chart) then it’s a launchpad of confidence forwards.

And finally – CONSULTATIONS and readings.

I’m at last organised and if I owe you an email that will be with you soon.

50 minute readings are conducted online and you can book here.

If you’re interested in spending an afternoon with me and having a deep dive into your chart, or in having 3 – 6 sessions where we spend time exploring the layers of your chart then email me and I’ll send you the prices and format options.

The short 50 minute readings are great if you have a few questions about your life. I’ve done a few of them this week and they have been really satisfying. We discuss the overview vibe of your chart, have a look at your solar return, upcoming transits and hone in on the big issues in your life to shed astrological clarity on the situation. They are intuitive readings to give you a sense of clarity.

However, sometimes the questions, dilemmas and outlook require TIME and work. The 50 minute sessions are either the perfect length or they give us what feels like 10 minutes and not enough time at all. That’s when we need to work together over a period of time. Not too many sessions, 3 sessions or 6 sessions… but still enough to dig deeper.

Email and I’ll send you the options. I have 3 spaces for new clients in July.


Thanks for listening and see you soon,

Francesca xx