I just opened a word document to write this, found an old article I’d scribbled, gave it the CTRL ALT DEL to create a fresh page to begin writing about Mercury.

Thankfully one sentence in, I noticed it said JOURNAL 2022 at the top of the page and did a few CTRL Z to get those 9000 words back. ?

A Mercury Retrograde move if ever I made one!

Take EXTRA care with the things you delete, cancel and eradicate. This Mercury Retrograde stations within one degree of a tight square aspect to Pluto – there’s nothing lightweight about the next three weeks and I whilst I see NOTHING wrong with that. It certainly has a “hard-drive wiped” vibe to it. #cleanslate

By the same token it offers an empowering time to dig deep and get to know ourselves, through our relationships with others (it’s in Libra!)

Mercury the psychopomp was a messenger par excellence. He was one of the only Gods granted permission to go down to the underworld, but then return. 

Mercury is a trickster, the cosmic jester who messed around and played pranks… but that’s just his wit and intelligence in action, he has FUN! He’s more than capable of handling the difficult stuff, the heavy conversations and serious negotiations.

Last week it was Autumn Equinox, marking the time when Persephone returned to the underworld. It’s interesting that this Mercury Retrograde falls less than a week after this point, and sits in the sign of negotiation (Libra) square to Pluto (serious conversation that may involve a power struggle.) 

It’s also very interesting that at the time Mercury stationed Retrograde, the Moon in Gemini had just passed a conjunction with Ceres, Persephone’s mother. There was a highly communicative grand trine formed between these Gemini planets, get-real Saturn in Aquarius who has many rules PENDING as he begins to station direct on the 11th of October and the Sun Mars conjunction in Libra.  This is a conversation heavy chart.

Ceres was so devastated that her daughter being taken away by her Pluto that she stoped producing crops and everything died. This was part despair and part negotiation tactic. A real “hit them where it hurts” approach to getting her own way.

A heartbroken mother will do ANYTHING to get her beloved back and so every Spring, Persephone goes home and nature rejoices as Ceres’ heart is light. (Learn more about this on the 16th of October.)

If Ceres is representative of Gaia, MOTHER earth then we must understand that her powers are infinitely more potent than our (human powers) will ever be – and that what we perceive to be cruel, damaging, broken, or dead – is nothing other than NATURAL. In an attempt to control everything, mankind has forgotten the introduction to the story; we lose the things we love, we all die, there are no guarantees, life goes on.

As terrible as Persephone’s departure is, it’s a rite of passage to separate from the Mother and step into womanhood. Ceres enjoyed her daughter’s company so much that she didn’t want her to leave her, she wanted to keep her as her companion. Persephone may have been tricked into eating that Pomegranate, but she ate it nonetheless. 

It was time to leave.

So at this Mercury Retrograde, what rites of passage are you experiencing?

This Mercury Pluto volcanic pressure requires all our best diplomacy skills and augurs a time to reconsider, review and dig into the nitty gritty of our lives. The bits we’d left dormant, anything left to fester can be explored under this 3 week sky.

(I’m adding this on the 4th of October – PLUTO is about power, secrets and depth. As Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram are taken DOWN – we can to contemplate the power they have over our lives and perhaps, with the Mercury Neptune aspect tomorrow, the risk of any leaked data. Since December 2020 Facebook owned Whatsapp have had access to all contacts on our phones.) To join my telegram channel and separate chat feed download the Telegram app and join here.

After writing that paragraph I’ve been sent this article – more noise? Who knows… it’s certainly going to be an interesting October!

Which painful things have we put off addressing?

What secrets could we divulge, bring to the light and play with all the possible permutations like Mercury would?

Big decisions made at this time, will remain under scrutiny in late October until the 1st of November when Mercury moves out of shadow.

Under a retrograde Mercury, CLARITY is missing, we are more intuitive but all the pieces of the puzzle aren’t there. WE can be more direct in our approach from the 18th.

Remember these themes for Mercury Retro in Libra:

  • Relationships
  • Diplomacy
  • Boundaries

I like Mercury Retrograde (usually) I like the coincidences, the opening up, the alternative perspectives, the slower pace and the chance to go back and tidy up ideas.

As I’ve said all year, OCTOBER is the month to keep our eyes on. With so many planets switching direction there’s a shift in perspectives, realities and leadership.  

I like the combination of Mercury moving backwards as the outer planets change direction – it’s got the feeling of people getting their act together. 

“Hello sir, is this your pen?” 

“Oh yes fabulous, I’ve been looking for that, now let’s get on with the task in hand.”

When Mercury is Retrograde we become AWARE of administrative errors, but perhaps, we get away with them too?

However, the opposite version of that is the leaders of our world may BLAZE ahead with utterly Retrograde moves. Making decisions and rules, announcements and strategies that will NEVER come to fruition. Dead in the water plans that will turn around in the later part of October!

It’s not going to be chill that’s for sure, and the 1st of October surely sets that tone. I think it’s a noisy month – so much communication.

How to stay calm this Mercury Retrograde?

-Ground yourself in purpose and the people you love.

-Rest, renew, relax, reconsider, rethink, review.



-Get creative. 

-Take the scenic route.

-Go for some therapy and DIG DEEP without needing immediate answers.

-Learn some practical skills.

-Enjoy not driving so much (LOL UK!) >> Mercury Retro square Pluto (God of the underworld and therefore OIL!)

– Join one of the events below or put the kettle on and book a reading, see what the unseen world wants to communicate to you.


My events this month:

SATURN ON SOLID GROUND – 14th October 7pm

You’ve heard of Saturn and know about The Saturn Return? Or maybe you haven’t… but you want to know about an area of your life that causes you problems and how you can transform that?  This is a workshop available for all levels that will introduce:

~ The stories about Saturn the God and everything he experienced.

~ Saturn through the signs.

~ Saturn through the houses.

~ How Saturn shows up in family dynamics.

~ How we project our Saturn on to other people with ALARMING frequency!!

Leaving you with an understanding of the Planet + God and how his antisocial behaviours are acting up in your life and relationships!


Preparing for winter with Izzy Kirkby – a “Saturday Morning Kitchen” style event where you learn how to ferment food and make the most of your harvest + a discussion of Ceres in your birth chart and a Q&A about the astrology of the moment. – Saturday 16th October – 11.11am £25


Izzy and I will be recording this event from her lovely house close to Clapham Common. We have 2 slots left for a VIP session where you come and do the event live with us, we all have a lunch together (fully health focussed) and you enjoy a consultation with me and Izzy!

It’s £395 and includes all the jars, food to pickle, lunch, teas to take home and the two 30 minute readings.


Depending on the weather I’ll do a get together on the 9th of October to meditate, journal and tune into the Mercury Cazimi magic OUTDOORS. (Stay tuned for that one and let me know if you’d be interested for a get together.)


BOOK CLUB DOORS OPEN AGAIN NEXT WEEK ( good thing to do in such a communicative re-opening, retrograde.) I will send a separate email about the AMAZING book we will be looking at in October, its perfect for this retrograde sky and matches what I’ve written about in this blog!

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 28th of September Book Club are meeting to discuss Richard Abbot’s book, The Key to Time – we will share part of the event on IGTV tomorrow at approx 8.40pm.

See you there!

Big love,

Francesca xx