Hello Friends and welcome to May, the most glorious month of the year (IMHO.)  The first half of May is charged with the continuing developments that are challenging all of us living on earth in these turbulent times.  The energetic push to CHANGE, bin, upgrade and generally dispose of outdated ways of living continues.  We are living through a point in history, or “her story” that will be talked about forever. 

If the future does contain history lessons, people will complete projects on Brexit, Breakdown and the British Revolution.  However, odds on that the education system is going to be so radically altered in the next 10 – 20 years that “projects” might be a thing of the past.

The structures that hold us all in place, namely the patriarchal structures are having a major revamp and that fact that there is no temporary accommodation does not bother these workmen.  There’s a job to do and it’s happening today, so grab what’s essential and be on your way.  It’s time to look at the script and tear out the bits you don’t want to be part of your story anymore.

This is not necessarily doom and gloom, all the best stories involve a rags to riches element.  We are at the crisis point, but it can feel brilliant to see your resilience shine through.  It helps us to prioritise.  What really matters?  If it’s not integral, then we can must forget it.  Put that broken bit of your life down, throw it out and move on. I am referring to your psychology too, it’s time to address your outdated beliefs.

In a group therapy session it’s always the person telling their story who is last to spot their pattern. It’s obvious to other people. We can be too close to our dysfunctions, so entwined with them that we don’t know how to disentangle and create fresh ways of doing things. It’s a challenge. With Saturn and Pluto now retrograde and chasing the south node we are untangling the creepiest ivy that has wound its way into our lives. It’s FRESH, not easy, but liberating.

The past is being dredged.  The plastic in the oceans is being cleaned up but there are years and years of damage so we need to be patient with progress (that’s a metaphor!) How does this affect you? Don’t forget to read for your ascendent!


April 21st – May 22nd

Taurus in Taurus Season is exploring new horizons and reinventing themselves at the speed of light! Those of you born in April are speaking out, shaking things up and you are more liberated than you have ever been before.  For the rest of you, the excitement is felt but the disire for change is less urgent.  On the 4th of the month there is a New Moon in your sign, a marvellous time for setting intentions and focussing on what you value, enjoy and love.  

As the month rolls on and the Sun moves away from maverick Uranus the tension will ease.  This New Moon is an opportunity for you to luxuriate in all the glorious softness that Taurus offers.  

With Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your travel and belief sector for the rest of the summer, you can use this time to reconsider your next moves.  Revelations are appearing for everyone and for you what you  express, understand and teach is the big question mark overhead!  These Capricorn placements encourage us all to reconsider things that have been handed down to us from the generations before us and for you this is connected to your belief system.


May 22nd – June 22nd

When the Sun swims through your subconscious all sorts of ruminating ideas float to the fore.  Especially this month as the intense Capricorn collective encourages you to dive deep and explore your subconscious.  May the 11th to the 14th will be a particularly poignant days for asking yourselves some questions about the some of the things you believe to be true. Handled properly this could be an amazing time of breakthroughs and illumination, exploring the ideas you hold to be true and addressing your finances.  

Mars remains in your sign until the 16th and could lead you into some rather grand head to heads with the people in your life.  Relationship issues are enhanced or exacerbated at this time, dealing with bombastic partners or benefiting from the belief of another could be on the cards.  Make sure you work it to your best advantage!  

The Full Moon on the 18th brings your health, habits and daily routines into focus, are you feeding yourself properly?  Making time to rest?  Is it time for a bit of a detox or perhaps time to get some therapy?  You are articulate and witty Gemini, but this month is ripe for getting to know yourself and your needs on a deeper more emotional level.


June 22nd – July 23rd

Cancer continues to reconsider their relationships, partnerships and their relationship with themselves.  The Moon starts the month in Aries so you hit the ground running this May and are more than ready to make things happen.  Followed in quick succession by it’s monthly meeting with Uranus this month begins with inspired action.  The New Moon on the 4th offers delightful respite from the tensions that are circling all of us this year.  As we all ask who we are, what we want and where we are going this is an opportunity to seek out pleasure.  

Mars moves into your sign on the 16th and you could feel more energetic, argumentative and assertive (depending on the mood!) Friends and get togethers are paramount for you now especially between the 15th and the 22nd of May.  These would be great dates for you to enjoy socialising with some people you love either IRL or online.

The Capricorn collective is asking you to address your relationships as they sit in your 7th house of projections and the other. Remembering that the reflections we see from other people, even if only subconsciously, can strike chords inside of us that are sometimes faint and other times roar very loudly. With each mirror comes the divine chance to dig deeper into ourselves to call forth something better within us or to bandage a broken piece.


July 23rd – August 23rd

Leo loves to be adored and this is a great month for you to take to the stage and show off some of flair and beauty. The beginning of the month offers you the opportunity to express your ideas with both power and gravitas, particularly the 3rd as you feel emotionally connected to your ideals.  The next day there is a New Moon in Taurus, how do you want to be valued?  What do you want to be known for? What do you enjoy?  What do you want your legacy to be?  

From the 15th to the 22nd the focus is almost entirely on your professional life.  However all of us are experiencing some rather major renovation works at the moment, and for you this is in the area of your life connected with your daily habits, routines and health.  To thrive we must emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and energetically declutter.  There are accumulated beliefs, habits, legacies, ancestral patterns and conditioning that lurk everywhere.  This summer is a time to consider how those old ways could be unhealthy and in need of an upgrade.

The Full Moon on the 18th brings the focus to your home and family life. Asking you to readdress the balance between your need to rest and nurture despite your ambitions.


August 23rd – September 23rd

Your ruler Mercury begins the month by pairing up with Mars in a highly supportive and quick witted aspect, spend the morning putting plans into action or cutting back on the superflous. However a few days later Mercury comes head to head with both Saturn and Pluto where our thoughts and words are scrutinised. This can feel irritating but has the potential to be illuminating if you open our minds to a new perspective.

 Your old way is not necessarily the right way.  The New Moon on the 4th is a magical day to plan your holiday or to set an intention about what you want to learn.  

On the 16th the focus shifts from your career to your friends and how you connect with your tribe.  Mercury moves to Taurus on the 7th and zips through there for two weeks initially you will feel energised and inspired but otherwise you can attend to the practical matters in your life.  The 14th is a wonderful day for you when you might feel inspired and energised to balance what you need and desire to change, you might feel very much in control.


September 23rd – October 23rd

Venus stays in your love sector until the 16th of May so continue to enjoy that if you are not already, whilst remembering that all is fair in love and war!  How many ghosts of exes past are with you in your relationships?  Is it time to exorcise them? 

The New Moon on the 4th of the month is in your finance sector, how do you feel about money?  This is a great time to put a sensible financial strategy together Also a time of empowerment and  a time to think about intimacy and what you share of yourself with others. As the sun transits your 8th house, themes around clearing out psychic junk are also relevant.

Mars moves into your career zone on the 17th of May and you might feel more determined and decisive around some career choices. This could involve some frictions and irritations from your managers, but use as energy to fuel a focus on what you really want.


October 23rd – November 22nd

All aboard the relationship ship.  Scorpio relationships can be liaisons but until late contain an intensity that is characteristic of the sign.  With Uranus electrifying / electrocuting your relationship sector the changes in status, experience and perspective you are receiving are quite astonishing!  The New Moon on the 4th is your time to focus on your partner, what they need and what you need from them.  Themes around contentment, gratitude, dependability and attachments will be observed and addressed. On the 7th of May, Mercury heads to your relationship sector for a brief two week soujourn, talk to people!  On the 16th Venus arrives and this is time for you to enjoy and charm the people you love.  

There is a Full Moon in your sign on the 18th and this which will call you to focus on the balance between your needs and what you give in a relationship.  Venus will be closely aligned with Uranus so love at first sight or a sudden end to a relationship could be on the cards.  

Sometimes we just feel inspired to act and you more than most understand how to trust your instincts, so whilst it’s important not to be too hasty (especially whilst your ruler Mars is out of bounds and a tad reckless) it’s also important not to fear change. With Mars in your travel and education sector it is a great time to focus on how you want your life to expand.


November 22nd – December 21st

Jupiter continues his retrograde motion until the 11th of August!  That combined with Saturn and Pluto retrograde means we are retracing our steps and taking our time.  Mars however continues to blaze through your relationship sector and as he is still out of bounds, he might bring all sorts of contentious relationship issues to the surface with his abrasive edge.  Baby + Bathwater!  The general focus for you this month is your health, habits and routines!  Are you stagnating?  With Uranus involved it is time to shake things up!  Always consider the mind body connection and consider incorporate some meditation with you new diet and exercise programme.

 The big Capricorn detox is the section of your horoscope that connects with self worth, value and possessions so with Saturn and Pluto in retrograde motion Sagittarius can consider the beliefs that simply need to go and do not belong to them.  When Mars moves to Cancer on the 17th of the month you have a fantastic opportunity to redress the balance and make some positive steps forwards towards financial security.  This peaks in June so consider the second half of May a practice run.  The skies are tense but ripe with opportunity to make this the most transformational time of your life.


December 21st – January 21st

Capricorn! We are all feeling it and you are leading by example! Tensions in the sky continue to mount but with your ruler retrograde until the 18th of September a less strenuous reexamining of your identity is taking place.  The first few days of the month see you expressing yourself with more clarity, however you may potentially end up feeling a little frustrated by some the challenging people you encounter.

Both Mercury and Venus will move into your creative sector this month and this might inspire a little romance, some fun, some creative self-expression or is a great time for you to have fun with kids, your own or someone else’s. The straight forward approach of children and their ability to live in the now is a quality to embrace.  

On the 16th Mars will move to your relationship sector so be prepared for irritations from the people around you, but also embrace the opportunity to make a decision about something, time to jump in with both feet or cut someone loose?  Mars in Cancer can be sulky and is the master of passive-aggressive power play so watch out for that.  The Full Moon on the 18th spells fun with your pals.  That’s right, you heard the word “fun.”  Keep surfing!


21st January – 19th February

Friendly Aquarius loves to talk it out and the first half of May sees you enjoying the company of others, chatting, creating, planning and experiencing life to the max.  The New Moon in Taurus is in your home and family sector and as it is connected with your ruler Uranus you might see some changes to your abode and family members this year.  Or it could be that you introduce some new tech into the home that facilitates more comfort.  Improvise! 

 For the first week of the month it’s all chatter and excitement but as the month progresses you will become more focused on your home and family life.  The Full Moon on the 18th of May will enhance the tension between your home and professional life which could be a welcome relief as the demands of the people around you may have felt like too much of late. 

The planets in Capricorn are in the section of your chart connected to your dreams and subconscious. Do you write your dreams down?


February 19th – March 21st

Dearest Pisces, this month is getting you thinking!  The New Moon on the 4th sparks your curiosity and you may start chatting to your siblings, neighbours, colleagues and the like about your ides, what you value and your ideas for the future.  At this New Moon you may want to ask yourself questions about how you value yourself, what you enjoy, how you handle money, how much you enjoy nature and how thorough you are.  All good questions and

As the month progresses your chattiness and inquisitiveness only peaks and from the 16th you may begin to channel your ideas into creative pursuits, cooking, dancing, painting or simply spending time with children could be on the cards for you.  

The Full Moon on the 18th asks you to consider how much time you put into your own education and adventures.  Also, how much do you share what you know?  Sometimes we learn best when sharing our ideas with others. Food for thought especially as you have such a unique and creative expression style.


March 21st – April 21st

Active Aries the first half of the month is full of activity and with Venus still in your sign this is a great time for romance and getting flaunting your charms.  

The New Moon on the evening of the 4th is a wonderful opportunity to address your personal value system and set some intentions about what you enjoy and how you derive pleasure.  

On the 16th of May the attention will shift to your home, family and domestic life. We know you like to be busy but every adventurer returns home to camp for some hugs and great grub. Your focus now could be on the family, your desire to spend time with them or their need for you.  Your ruler Mars is out of bounds for all of May so you might be extra zealous in your activity and opinions.  

The Full Moon on the 18th of May highlights your personal value system.  This is the time of year when your finances receive extra attention.  Are you splashing out or hoarding your cash?  The Full Moon reminds you to balance your finances, hold yourself accountable and to also find value in your intimate relationships.

I hope you found some insight in these horoscopes. They take an inordinate amount of time to write. It’s like writing my “sentences” when I was in primary school!!

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Thanks so much and please credit if you share anything.

F xx