How are you at this power packed eclipse?

I wanted to share this entry from CYCLES 2022 with you because the chart for this Full Moon in Scorpio has been on my mind for ages!

A Blood Moon in Scorpio square to Saturn doesn’t initially give off the best vibes. In London, Pluto will be at the very top of the sky and the low rumblings of power struggles are compounded as Jupiter is now fresh at 0 degrees of Aries, the first power degree of the Zodiac. The war drums are banging. Venus with Chiron in the 12th indicates collective wounds, perhaps an opportunity to see, hear and feel everything that hurts within us and release it.

I pulled the Queen of Cups for this Eclipse which is a good omen and indicates that this could be a positive reset. This card reminds us that Scorpio is a healer and so we could find ourselves being a listening ear, or confronting our emotional issues with bravery, compassion and understanding. Looking beyond the hurt, anger and arguments that can emerge at a Full Moon and looking straight to the deep heart of the matter.

Mars conjunct Neptune is mystical, but also deceptive and forms a harmonious aspect with the Lunar Eclipse, we could consider it a purge of feelings and a revelation of what has been hidden.

The key to navigating these energies will involve staying grounded. Taking pleasure in the food we eat and the beautiful ground we walk upon, the Scorpio Moon demands that we look back into our painful past where power struggles, dramas and intense control and manipulation took place, but the Sun in Taurus wants us to live abundantly in the present. However, to get to that point of calm we have to admit our faults, mistakes and wounds to someone who will listen and act as a shock absorber. That could be your journal, or it could be an excellent therapist, astrologer or in ceremony. Calm is possible but we can’t have true peace until we acknowledge the trauma we’ve experienced and unpick it.

These challenges are all part of the letting go and moving on phase that we are in at the moment. Trust nature, trust your heart but actively banish the malign energy that is present right now. Lay those ghosts to rest and look at the New Moon in Scorpio 2020 to understand what intentions you were setting as this cycle draws to a close.

Here are some further thoughts and examples of how this Scorpio energy is showing up in the stories I’m hearing and things I’m reading. 🐍

  • Ancestral trauma, family constellation work, pain that travels down family lines until HERE at this lunar eclipse someone transmutes it to another lesson.
  • Deaths, shock, miscarriage and abortion within family systems that have not been grieved and perpetuate problems further down the family line.
  • Money. Money. Money. Money. MONEY. Talk of money, not enough money, so much money. Money. Lack. Need. Greed. Fear. Want. Envy. A gripping and grasping at survival that is so embedded in society we don’t often stop to question what goes BEYOND.
  • The power of deep energetic healing in our energy bodies that can alleviate symptoms on our physical body.
  • Understanding the mind-body connection manifesting in physical pain that is really rooted in emotional pain that has been left to fester.
  • Suppression of natural medicine and toxic undermining alternative therapies.
  • Jealousy vs Envy. The pernicious energy that makes you hate and find flaws with someone because they have something that YOU DON’T consciously know you want.
  • Emotional parentification of children because parents lean on their children for emotional support in place of a partner. What does this do to the energetic dynamic within the family?
  • Old relationship dynamics that have been stagnant for years shifting their shape.
  • The weight of debt to be addressed; karmic or financial.
  • Psychic blocks and the importance of psychic protection.
  • Spiritual hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Issues connected to spending time around temperamental people. Poor boundaries that result from being too sensitive to the needs of the people who “provide” for you; rendering you an insecure “mindreader.”
  • MAGNETISM and the power of attraction.
  • Addiction and the disruption it perpetuates until the lid is blown off and it is acknowledged. (Workaholics, alcoholics, drug addicts, shopaholics, crypto-addicts, compulsive liars all included!)
  • Magic, transformation and the power of cleansing.
  • Stepping out of self-sabotage and bad habits.

Quite a list isn’t it!

Scorpio energy doesn’t f**k about.

This Eclipse could be showing us something else that we didn’t realise was there, but also, it is releasing so many stagnant dynamics that have been causing harm. A release from power struggle and a bulls eye into the heart of the matter, BUT SOMETHING is eclipsed (hidden from view) and there’s more to be discovered.

Eclipses stay active for months, so we can watch our stories unfold this year…




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FINALLY – before I go…

I wanted to remind you that not every coincidence is a synchronicity. Sometimes it’s a reminder to follow YOUR intuition and not just ALL THE SIGNS.

Is it a sign and synchronicity or is it a coincidence and reflection or manifestation of the CHAOS in your energetic field?

What are you manifesting? What are you creating?

Mercury Retrograde will deliver some magic synchronicities but also some red herrings…(shall we call them mere coincidences?)

“There are no coincidences.”

Do you agree? Let me know here.Big love,

Francesca x

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