When the moon resets at home in Cancer, we are all invited to explore what home means to us.

Cancer is the sign most associated with BELONGING, family, connection, nourishment and safety.  There is so much possibility and potential to nourish our roots and reset our perspective so that we are living from a place of abundance.

I’m not talking about spiritual bypassing, or weak AF mystical obfuscation. I mean, DEEP GRATITUDE and REVERENCE for what you love and what feels like home to you.

Life was harder when I was young because when heartbreaks and disappointments arrived I didn’t have a way to manage my emotions… I just had to cross my fingers and hope for the mythical and elusive “good day.”

I was 11 when I first lost the plot, no one knew what was the matter with me. The Drs, school nurse, family and friends… I was destabilised and in the pits. (I now know that transiting Pluto was on my descendent but I found out 20 years too late!)

Once that transit was over I became obsessed with understanding methods to maintain balance and from this young age I’ve been compiling ideas.

My Saturn Return was when this really became an area of expertise and I would love to share some of these tools with you. I’ll reveal more at the New Moon… (Don’t share new ideas into the dying embers of a waning moon!) If you think it sounds interesting, register interest here.

The New Moon in Cancer, 29th June 2022, 7 degrees and 22 minutes.


This New Moon is very tightly square to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, joy, healing, optimism, fortune… exaggeration and boastfulness.

Square aspects are “challenging” they are “dynamic” which is sometimes code for “hard work.” BUT this is a growth aspect, the thorn in our side that we need to sidestep; in doing so, we find something unexpected.

“Growth is on the other side of your comfort zone.”

You’ve heard that before? That statement was probably first coined at a New Moon in Cancer square to Jupiter in Aries! The idea that you can have everything you want ONCE you decide to believe that you can overcome whatever is in your way.

Belief in yourself is a HUGE theme for this New Moon. From that point, you can have security. You can feel connected and calm; nourished and loved – ONCE you have done the work.

What’s “the work?”

In this instance I’ll define it like this: the work is the decision to face your fears, shadow and suppressed thoughts. It’s the temerity to look into your heart and listen to what is there. It’s the decision to take responsibility for your own emotions and bravely be who you are, then discern what is healthy and what needs to be addressed.

The notion that all of our feelings are valid is toxic. Jupiter shows us where our emotional responses have been over the top. Where we have failed to communicate and where there’s an opportunity to connect more deeply to others. Our feelings are INTERESTING, but they are not the Gospel – they can be ill-informed, bred from projection, fear and confusion.

Jupiter shows us what is there, WITH A VIEW to healing it. So at this new moon we can begin to understand WHY we lack confidence, self-esteem, a sense of security and ask for the universe to help us to do something about it. Jupiter reminds us that if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Reflect on the last week or so, what have you understood about yourself? How would you like to set intentions around moving beyond any current discomfort into a place that is more positive, more optimistic and full of faith that it will all be OK in the end?

There are ALWAYS problems to navigate. No one is exempt and it’s certainly not a fair and just world. Nevertheless, focussing on the good stuff is a CHOICE. The ability to feel contained, balanced, safe and full of love is ON US. At this abundant New Moon we can change gear, are you here for it?

There will be problems, will you approach them with a “can do” attitude or a “woe is me” attitude?

I wanted to do an event for this New Moon but the CANCER themes are strong! My cousin is coming to visit and a Cancer moon friend is in town for a picnic (♋️!) – so I’ll do an IGTV.

This is a RICH AND ABUNDANT New Moon so it feels aligned to roll with the fun vibes and share an event for free.⚡️

If you’re interested in coming to ROME for an epic FULL MOON IN ARIES retreat sign up here and you’ll be first to hear details as I confirm them!

If you’re interested in the aforementioned Spiritual Hygiene course, register interest here.


See you soon!