“Therapy can be done to the self.  Understanding is therapy.  Love is the ultimate therapy.  Therapists, teachers and gurus can help, but only for a limited time.  The direction is inward, and sooner or later the inward path must be trod alone.  Although in reality you are never alone.”

Dr Brian Weiss, via The Ascended Masters

Isn’t that great and a poignant message as we move into intuitive Cancer season?

There is so much to be said about the astrology of now.  I’ve been blasting out instagram posts and we had a really exciting, if not slightly mad event yesterday morning for Solstice!

I’m STILL in Nottingham but will be heading back to London soon… just to get some perspective! To stand in my room and hear all the London sounds outside my bedroom window and try and decide how I want life to be going forwards.  I’ve been here for 3 months and it suits my Taurus 12th house life but I have some wild Sagittarius energy that will soon want to adventure beyond early retirement!

There are so many things to say about this eclipse.  We could talk about its placement at 0 degrees Cancer, about it being on Solstice, about the last time we had this eclipse in 2001…!  We can talk about Saturn in Aquarius.  I wrote lots about that on instagram in March when Saturn first moved into Aquarius and the police had to make an announcement to ask neighbours to stop snitching on each other for going on more than one run per day!  It made me think of 1984 so I googled George Orwell and discovered he had Saturn in Aquarius… how fitting.

I spoke about this in our event yesterday, about how it’s easy to think that The Age of Aquarius will be the brotherhood of man with everyone holding hands and living as equals. But Saturn represents the dark, troublesome shadow and whilst Saturn is in Aquarius he’s reminding us that anyone who is telling others off for breaking down the lockdown rules… are living more in the sign opposite of Aquarius, which is Leo. We need to understand the sign in its fullness.

I am going to do some reading over the next few weeks; 1984 (I’ve always wanted to read it just because it’s the year I was born!) Also, 1+9+8+4 =22 just like 2020=22 so there is a parallel in the power of the numerology of 22 to shake things up and change the dynamic.

The other book I’ve ordered on recommendation by a few people this last week is called Natives, Race and Class in the ruins of the Empire and it’s by Akala.  This book I think will be talking more about the “Capricorn Collective” of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all hovering close to the South Node and this demolition and restructure of all hierarchies.

Someone recently told me that he’s heard there would be a big “head to head” between the Capricorn generations and the Aquarius generations.  i.e. people who prefer the old world order of hierarchy and those who want equality at all costs.  I have no idea if that’s true but I think there is a benefit in becoming fluent and fluid in my understanding of the wider implications of both.  These are some of the books I am consuming to explore these ideas.

An other MAJOR theme of now is Uranus in Taurus, there continue to be HUGE FOOD THEMES to this year.  From trade deals to crop survival and food costs.  I just googled “Food Trade Deals” and found loads of great articles. Have a look!