The sun moves into Aries at 10.29am today the 20th of March!  Equinox is here bringing with it a fresh zesty energy.

The Sun is making a big leap from mystical Pisces into the fresh stark energy of Aries.

Many religions have their New Year today, including the Zoroastrians (that’s what the three kings were!) The energy of Aries, is clear, focussed, go-getting and creative.  It’s time to plant the seeds of what you want to achieve independently of anyone else.

I’ve been reading (shock) and discovered some new manifestation tricks to coincide with The Spring Equinox.

How to use the fresh energy of the astrological new year to focus on what you would like.

We wait until the New Moon in Aries which is at 2.57am on March the 28th here in the UK.  Then we can make a vision board!  Whoooohooo!  You can’t start it yet, but gather some magazines and have a large piece of paper ready or a board ready to complete it next Tuesday.  You have 48 hours to complete your vision after the full moon, but I recommend Tuesday the 28th.  If you do it on Wednesday avoid 1.06pm to 4.47pm as the moon will be Void of Course.

Get out your scissors and glue and cut out any headlines or images that you would really want. Aries energy is about what you want.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.15.14

Create your treasure map!

I will be adding glitter to mine…

Happy New Year!

I’ll write more about the moon at the weekend.

Big love,

Frank xxx