Where did all the words go?

2016 hasn’t been the year for writing!  I remember when I was blogging everyday in early 2015 and absolutely loving life!  This year I’ve been reading, learning and discovering.  I stopped writing because I was always reading!

However, this blog was just for me, all my ideas and ALL the excitement I had about astrology.  It wasn’t always about writing useful astrology for other people, it was about my journey and the excitement of discovering new things… and that is what I want to take it back to.  This tends only useful for when I meet new people and I can send them a link of something I already have written to prove I didn’t make it up on the spot!  However… the process is the alchemy, it keeps me focussed.

I’m creating some gift vouchers ready for Christmas and it’s so exciting!  This Aries moon has me FRANTIC. Perhaps just because it’s Friday night and I’m bored!  I hope not… I like to think that everyone feels this… though, if I was standing on a bar doing shots and going crazy I would be absolutely fine. However, I was an hours late for my last Saturday workshop and then spilt coffee all over my coat…. so not this time! No way jose!

I used to use this blog to set my intentions and why not set them again now.  THIS is what I’m up to lads:

  • I’m moving my main website over to Francesca Oddie.com shortly!  Many reasons why…
    • FrankinsenseandMirth is FUN but too long, no one can spell it and everyone gives me funny looks.
    • I will keep FSM for Medical Astrology WHEN I’m qualified in that area.
    • I want to be ME, no hiding behind a brand but 100% “I my name is Fran, Frank, Chess, FLO, Oddie and I’m an Astrologer!”  Wooohoooooooo.  I was apprehensive about telling people I was an astrologer a few years ago. I HATED any negative reactions.  Now I thrive on them!  Fucker Fuel!
  • I bloody loved working at festivals in the summer and will be doing more in 2017 as me.  Exciting.


  • I need to start doing videos / talking etc…but need to structure what I’ll talk about.  I LOVE sharing my astrology journey as I go.  I was mad, crazy, passionate about astrology when I started this blog but I’ve learnt insane amounts over the past two years and can’t even begin to imagine where I will be in another 2 years.  You just don’t know what you don’t know.


  • Events, talking, sharing, connecting.  It’s what I want to do.  It’s what I’m desperate to do.


  • I’ve got to get better at t’internet.  SEO.  Blah blah.  Loathsome.  Hate it.  BUT – I want to be a digital nomad.  I want to be writing and sharing astrology… I want to be AS free as a bird, doing readings and people THANKING me for my HELP.  Man alive, how much I LOVE doing this.  I really feel that this is with me all the time now.  It’s like wearing x-ray glasses!  Though… we all must be cautious with intuition as it’s prone to being incorrect.


  • I’ve started working with Reiki.  I did not get that AT ALL at first but feeling it is so exciting.  I need to take that to the next level.


  • I want to expand my horizons.  As much as I LOVE this astrological journey, I’m fully absorbed into it and it’s how I think.  However, I know my life is a privilege.  This way of helping people to refine their lives, is a privilege and I would love to be useful in a more simple way.  I’m going to a meeting on Monday with Key4Life and hopefully I will have some stories to share.


  • Health, always health.   Healing my shoulder was a bloody miracle.  I’m playing tennis again and didn’t have to have the surgery that the Drs wanted to give me.  I need to write more on this separately.


Ah haha!  Friday night focus on my passions!  I’ll sleep better now I’ve shared this!


Back to basics.  As astrological journey…  there is so much more to discover!


Stay tuned!

Frank xxx