Here in the UK the moon will be full tomorrow afternoon just after noon. (not ideal moon watching time) Try catching it rise up at sunset (if it isn’t overcast!) Long shot!

What to say about this Taurus full moon?

The moon is very happy in Taurus, it is in its sign of exaltation. The steady, sturdy, supportive energy of Taurus carries the emotional cycles of the moody moon very kindly.

Full moons in general are about ILLUMINATION. We reveal things at this time, things are revealed to us. The light shines on our thoughts and FEELINGS as the moon is all about home, emotion and nurturing.

The Moon will be supported late tomorrow evening as it moves into a wonderful trine with Venus, Jupiter and Mars.

Still, what does all this mean for a full moon in Taurus?

I think when Taurus is there supporting you with its infinite strength and perseverance it enables us to be honest about how we feel. Taurus makes us feel safe and cared for, it is mother earth holding us and rocking us in reassurance.

It’s a bloody good job too! A few things have happened recently and I’ve thought, this feels like Mercury Retrograde. All those annoying missed calls, busses, miscommunication… all the chaos you tend to feel when Mercury is retrograde; backstroking diagonally across the swimming pool, splashing and obliviously causing chaos.

It was always embarrassing at school when I used to find I was on the other side of the pool after I’d done a length in backstroke. I kept my eyes shut because I didn’t like getting water in them… worked well!

I’ve just realized the reason for this mercurial chaos is because Mercury (communication) in Libra is currently in opposition to Uranus (mad scientist) in Aries.

I am very Uranian as I have a Sun Uranus conjunction… it’s that blunt, honest, says it as it is thing. With a conjunction it’s soft and natural, it’s just WHO I AM. With an opposition the eccentricity is a challenge, it’s something we want to hide from other people or something we receive from OTHER people. It is in opposition, it’s a push pull / north south / 180 degree challenge.

Mercury rules communication and when it opposes Uranus we want to speak our truth but we are afraid of the perception of others. Or, we are receiving electric (Uranus) shocks from others with their outrageous version of their truth. Somewhere in the middle is balance. However, in the middle in Capricorn, square, 90 degrees from both these planets is Pluto. Well. Not balanced. Pluto rules Scorpio where the sun is currently and it’s all about buried stuff, secrets, power, and transformation.

None of the above is smooth and easy; it is challenge after challenge and the energy is relentless.

Pluto will be in HAPPY aspect to the MOON IN TAURUS. Phew. Some relief. Actually let me correct that, Pluto is the boss and is always happy, the MOON will be happy in this harmonious aspect to Pluto. Early Wednesday morning the moon will move into an EARTHY grand trine (a big triangle in the skies). Stable (Taurus) emotions, revealing (Pluto) how you feel, being safely supported by loving Venus, brave Mars and optimistic Jupiter. Mercury is scrambling away from scrappy Uranus and things will hopefully be smoother. Until of course the moon moves into superficial Gemini and opposes serious Saturn, but that’s not until Thursday afternoon… and actually an irresponsible Gemini Moon would benefit from some saturnine self-discipline and self-awareness!

Good good.

Ride out this inner storm of blazing communication. Sometimes the unexpected (Uranus) revealed (Pluto) from this Mercury (communication), Uranus, Pluto T-Square will be exceptionally exciting and invigorating,  like a cold shower.  I’d say it feels better when you’re out of it and dressed rather than in it and freezing!  As with all challenges and growth, it’s essential for progression but nicer when it’s over.  We have to learn to smile through this discomfort though, it’s how to become the best we can be!

Stability arrives midweek and then you can breathe… but letting go isn’t usually a Taurus thing. Taurus holds on like a heroine and fails to realise that she’s become a martyr.  Perhaps with this firm but gentle assistance from strong transformative Pluto and the three musketeers in Virgo; Taurus will simply put down whatever it was attached to and move on to something else.


Just like the dog when he sometimes spontaneously puts down the ball and lets you throw it again after 10 minutes of baiting you to wrestle the slobbery toy from its mouth. Sometimes, he just drops it and lets the fun start again.  Miracles happen!


Drop the ball.
Throw another.
Have fun.