I’ve just been staring at “tuning into” the chart for the Full Moon for the past 15 mins.  The basics:  it’s a Full Moon in Sagittarius opposing the Sun in Gemini.  This is the axis of communication, ideas, education, travel, philosophy, space and movement.  With the Moon in Sagittarius there should be an optimistic feel, a yearning for adventure, a desire to learn more and discuss.

It’s a Full Moon and an opposition so always a good time to explore the spiders web of relationship!

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, Mercury rules Gemini.  Jupiter retrograde and smack bang in the middle of Scorpio at 15 degrees.  Go hard and go home!  We are really DELVING, potentially stubbornly sticking to old ideas but better to act with integrity.  Mercury is at the critical degree of Taurus.  Still in a vvvv wide opposition to Jupiter and again in a fixed sign.  I think this is the Sun illuminating our ideas about how we are valued, or at least how we feel we are valued.  With all lights on the tension between the need for change and but stemming from a huge resistance to change, fresh ideas are GOLD DUST.

Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) is in Taurus, ruled by Venus and she is sitting pretty at the top of the chart making friendly (flirtatious) aspects to Jupiter in Neptune.  This grand trine speaks of magical opportunity.  ALL ABOARD! The party boat is full of food, voluptuous women and looks very inviting. But Venus is opposing Saturn who is in the corner watching, monitoring and making sure the party doesn’t get out of hand.  It’s like having a house party but the parents are in the living room next door… that feeling of youthful abandon is not the same when the parents are in.  Even if they don’t leave the room, we all know that they are there! The party boat has an anchor which ensures we don’t all drift out to see on a whimsical dream.

Not always a bad thing!  Youthful parties easily get out of hand and it’s important to maintain a STANDARD. Let me change that to, it is crucial to maintain a standard.  I do have a bit of a thing for Saturn…

Firstly, for yourself.  People will meet you at the standards you accept.  If you lower your standards for other people, do what Gemini does best and as yourself WHY? The Full Moon might shine the light in your face, encouraging you to Secondly, as a turbo Sag I learnt that there is no freedom without boundary.  Free from WHAT?  Free from your past.  For sure! The mutable signs of Sagittarius and Gemini love change and do not hold on to the past.  Though as I already mentioned Mercury is at 29 Taurus and still clinging to old ideas with admirable strength / staunch stupidity.  As the boys used to say to me at Uni, “Fran, get over it! Are you not over it yet?”  I mean, easier said than done!  So it’s the ability to take what we genuinely value and bring it forward.

“You make me feel free.”  Why do people say this? “Because you understand and support me.”

Saturn is still at the apex of a Yod from the Sun and the North Node.  Our responsibilities shape us. Go forth, understand, and be ready to change your perspective, something that Sagittarius understands happens when you change your surroundings, when you move in other cultures and experience fresh daily existences. Meet, greet, laugh, enjoy, get loud and silly… but know when to eat and go to bed.  The Moon is a baby and wants to play but all babies thrive with secure and safe boundaries.  Set the limit and explore it to the max.

In all seriousness – this is ripe with opportunity for a bit of a challenge and release to the ways we think, but it requires us to do something.  You don’t get to go on the date unless you ask someone out.  Do something different and enjoy the ride!