21 March 2019, 01:42 – GMT

20 March 2019, 21.42 – EST

20 March 2019, 18.42 – PDT

“You can always tell when two people are best friends, because they are having more fun than it makes sense for them to be having.” 

All Full Moons are about relationship but when the Moon is super relational Libra at the 0 degree point, the theme of “me versus you” is heightened.  That’s compounded by an exact square between Mars and Venus who are also at loggerheads.  If you don’t speak astro, this basically spells, passion and friction but growth.

Nevertheless, I get the feeling this is an opportunity to break out of damaged relationship patterns.


There is a “Yod” aspect to Jupiter from the North Node and Mars.  A powerful and transformative finger of God aspect that shoves us from one karmic reality to the next.  In this case the desire to create a homely nest and the yearning for loyalty and steadiness is both catalyst and fuel that taps into and converts optimism and opportunity into a *a new perspective”.  Hopefully a more joyful Jupiter inspired reality with expanded horizons.

What does your Best Life look like?

Our minds are wide open because of the right-brained Mercury Neptune aspect that hooks us up to infinite wisdom and eternal truths.  I’ve heard lots about parallel universes in the past few weeks, the idea that there are multiple existences thought the galaxy with different versions of our current life playing out simultaneously.  Out there somewhere is our actual best life (not social media one!) What does it look like?  Do you know?  If you don’t know then you can’t be there.  This full moon is a great time to ENVISION what you want your life and mainly your relationships to look like.  Out there somewhere is a parallel universe where everyone you know (yourself included) is honest, friendly, loyal, kind and loving. 

I KNOW THIS SOUNDS MENTAL, but quantum physics is mental.  And I like the idea.  So, this Full Moon asks us to tap into our most ideal relationship set up, our heart’s wildest ideas, the way you felt in the sweet “honeymoon period” and manifest that.  Somewhere out there is our most ideal reality. Imagine you win the lottery and no longer have any financial concerns or need to do work that you don’t want to do.  This would give you freedom to live. What would you do with your time?  How much more relaxed and patient would you be?  What would it feel like to remove a major cause of stress?

What does that life look like?  Who are you like when you’re there in that life?  Can you move closer to that reality in your thoughts, behaviours and decisions.

So that’s one take on it…!

Mars and Venus

Mars is part of a separating trine from Pluto and Saturn, he’s clear, powerful but tamed, a little more practical and less bat-out-of-hell.  Mars has a reputation for acting without thinking.  At worst this is brute force, at best, it’s steady action.

Venus, is in  ‘mates over dates’ Aquarius. How much will you stand for your values before being seduced?  Venus tells us what we value in ourselves and in others, in Aquarius she loves friendship, equality and truth.   This Venus doesn’t just love her partner, she’s a humanitarian and a friend of everyone.  She confronts bullies and stands up for the underdog.  This isn’t a romantic Venus placement but who doesn’t want a friend that demonstrates outspoken loyalty?


If a person loves only one other person, and is indifferent to his fellow men, his love is not love but a symbiotic attachment, or an enlarged egotism.

She’s not super cuddly and sweet, but she’s your pal and she tells you like it is, because she cares.  It might not feel loving, but her language of love is the unabashed truth.  When we consider the square to Mars, this is oft not well received and can feel rude.  

“If someone corrects you and it offends you then you have an ego problem.”

Which leads us nicely to the Sun in Aries.

Lone Wolf

The Sun in Aries is very close to Chiron, acting independently comes with a caveat. Chiron is the “wounded healer” an overly used term that doesn’t mean a lot at first.  With the Sun in Aries he’s asking us to reflect on what it’s like to be independent and do everything on our own terms.  Our ego decides what we want and we do it, when we want.

To be a single soul that is unwatched by the eye of a loving other. Yes there is a freedom to be decisive and clear, but only the lonely know the relentless silence of no-one. The shadow of Aries is Libra and vice versa. Every Aries hero needs an audience to praise them.  Every Libra peacekeeper needs a crowd to appease.  

An egotist is a person of low taste – more interested in himself than in me.

Every relationship has this wounding too.  “If you don’t want to be lonely, don’t get married. 

There’s a big ego in all of us that is desperate to be right, to know more, to be the best and to refute anyone who challenges the character that is built around this illusion of identity. It’s a very human thing! Why do some people feel the need to comment on others?  Why are people so concerned with the lives of others that they feel the need to comment and criticise? Besides the fact that they are vacuous, there is an evident ego problem.

Libra is *the sign of comparison.*  It is the sign of relating, everything is seen through the lens of how it is perceived by the other.  It is quite difficult for a Libra to just get on with life without comparing, referencing, discussing and collaborating.  The essence of Libra is to partner and gain an understanding of themselves via other people and because of that they possess an incredible charm.  Their disposition is easy, they want people around and the possess a remarkable talent for peacekeeping.

As I mentioned the shadow of Libra is Aries and something we have to remember that the essence of Libra is to get you to do what they want and you thank them for it.  This is a CARDINAL sign, Libra makes things happen.

We all have Libra and Aries in our charts and these signs rule different parts of our lives.  At this Full Moon in Libra we can explore all these themes, especially taking some time to explore how our relating style stems from a giant ego problem.

The Ego

What is the ego?

As I understand it the ego is the identity we create for ourselves that sits on top of and masks our true essence.  Our soul is who we are, it just is.  The soul is eternal and connects to people and nature and fills us with love.  The ego is a construct that has stories attached to it “I am xyz”

I live here.

I holiday here.

I wear this.

My identity is created out of the things I wear, do, buy, see and post on social media.  We are probably going to have to define another psychological term for the e-ego.  Another sub section of our identity that lives online and has a “best life” that is absolutely unrelated to our actual life.  A story for another day.

Our ego separates us from others and Aries is the sign of the big ego (and Leo, and probably Sagittarius.)  The Sun in the horoscope is our ego and “identity” and the Sun rules Leo and is exalted in Aries.  When the Sun is in these fire signs we can be more confident about who we are and our decisions.  Our spiritual life needs us to connect with our soul, but to be human involves developing an ego that can flourish.  An ego that drives us in to a vocation “I am an astrologer.”  An ego that needs to win, “I am an athlete.”  The ego must be well cultivated to give us healthy boundaries, “I charge this much an hour.”

However, the spiritual life needs us to get past the ego, to meditate and connect with the peace, wisdom and bliss of our eternal soul.

At this Full Moon we are exploring where our ego is blocking us from really connecting with others. If we stay in judgement and grip onto the need to be right or be the best, we stay alone and cannot love unconditionally.

Pisces Season

Pisces season precedes Aries, it is the end of one cycle and Aries is the beginning of another.

This Full Moon takes place on the first day of Aries, at equinox; the Astrological New Year.  We have the last few days of Pisces season to unravel our egos and connect with our soul.  Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is connected to Neptune at the f ull moon, our higher self is talking to us and our higher self doesn’t want to be right or be the best, it wants the truth and to experience connection.

If you read my newsletter you’ll have read more about Mercury Retrograde.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to reflect, rest and restore.  Pisces is the sign of the mystic.  This is the time to read tarot cards, meditate and reflect.


Our life is an evolution and redefining our boundaries from time to time is healthy.  In the same way that we have to constantly clear out and tidy up our homes, cupboards and bins. We have to keep updating and cleaning our energetic boundaries, our spiritual life needs maintenance.  It needs reflection, meditation, prayer, journalling, rest, walks in nature, thoughtful showers, apps, sport or a moment of peace.  We need to be clear and clean to have functioning relationships.  To be human is to err.  We all make mistakes and unless we release the patterns and look the issues in the face we just REPEAT them.


I’ve been listing to Chris Evans on the radio and he’s been singing the praises of a new book that is out called The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did).

I took this from The Times online:

“This is not a straightforward parenting book,” Philippa Perry tells us in the first line of her foreword. She is not going to offer advice about potty training, or quick-fix tips and tricks, or show us how to manipulate our children. Instead she wants us to relate to them, to see them not as chores to be ticked off, but as people with whom we will have a lifelong relationship.

If we slow down a bit, Perry suggests, be accepting of our mistakes and willing to repair ruptures, our children could teach us to be more present. Then we could give them what they need above everything else — a safe, loving and accepting relationship.

In essence that it was this Full Moon is about.  

Venus in Aquarius = truth.  

Square to mars in Taurus = this is difficult to do, but potentially hugely constructive and facilitates growth.  

Sun in Aries with Chiron = we are all injuring ourselves and wearing ourselves out everyday, constantly damaging ourselves with badly received words, actions, beliefs and wrestling to define our ego.  Our need to lead unquestioned.

Moon in Libra = we desire relationships.  We learn from relationships.  Happy relationships are the basis of a happy life.  Assessing the relationships that work for us, what we love about them and bringing more of that in is the dream.  How do you want to love VERSUS how to they NEED to be loved.  That is the art of RELATING.  An adjustment of VALUES.

Mercury in Pisces = trust your gut, listen to your higher self.

Yod to Jupiter = GROW.  New relationships, with yourself and with others. Change the future.  Re-write the karmic pattern. Expand your horizons by committing to the security and “family” you want to build.

*I say “family” because Venus is in Aquarius and Uranus is in Taurus – blood is not thinker than water.  Also, outdated unbalanced relationships can go now.  Where’s the loyal fam?

Saturn in Capricorn = define boundaries.

I want also want you to be my best friend, not only a person I share a relationship with.

A Full Moon is a great time of release and an opportunity to cut some etheric cords.  LET GO of limiting ideas, relationships and beliefs.  I’ll share some simple meditations but an old classic of writing down what you want to let go of and burning the list is great.  (Burn with care!)  Always replace with optimism and gratitude, especially as there is such a huge potential to manifest a more loving reality.

Thanks very much for reading and I look forward to seeing how this Full Moon in Libra shows herself in our lives.

Big love,

F xx

P.S.  If you’re in London please do check out the events I have this week or if you’re interested in a reading I do have some slots available at the Full Moon.


P.P.S.  Vibrating strongly to the Aquarius vibe can make us a bit cutthroat in our approach.  DETACHING is also the power of this Venus and potentially a higher expression of the “do you want me to kill them?” approach!


P.P.P.S. Aquarius rules the internet.  How much are you staring at your screen?  Remember Venus is being challenged by Mars. I’ve just read Dolly Alderton’s column in the Style mag and it also resonates with this Full Moon.  Though actually my issue isn’t with the emails, it’s with the invasive texts. Emails are easier to delete! (Ha!) Do we really need to run everything by other people? (Libra) Can’t we just get on with life without sending 5000 emails and whatsapp messages? It’s a THIEF OF TIME (Saturn in Capricorn).  We have to set some clear boundaries around communication and whilst we need to build relationships (Libra) to be happy.  We also have a right to peace and quiet (Mercury Neptune) and autonomy (Aries) and Saturn in Capricorn wants boundary.  All this screen time takes us away from real connected relationships.  Let’s go on a date, you, me and your phone (ie everyone else.)  It’s very Venus in Aquarius and Venus is the ruler of this Full Moon that opposes Chiron.  Can we transcend this habit and get back to hearts? Love over likes.


P.P.P.P.S.  I always get a few emails from friends asking me if I’ve written this about them.  Which is great!  But the answer is no.  As I press send, my brain starts filtering how people will receive the email and I can see a few people in my mind’s eye thinking “is this about me?  Is she trying to tell me something?”  That’s just a reflection… I think?