Hey Guys!

It’s my last blog written sitting in my flat in London Town – and the Full Moon is in my 4th house. How fitting. There is a link here to work out which house it is for you.

In brief the houses go like this:

1st – self, identity, appeareance

2nd – possessions, money, self esteem

3rd – siblings, communications, neighbours

4th – home, roots, where you’ve come from

5th – children, creative projects, fun

6th – health, habits, routine, work

7th – relationships, partnerships, open-enemies

8th – sex, death, other people’s money

9th – travel, issues abroad, faith, higher education

10th – career, status, legacy

11th – friendships, networks, groups

12th – the unconscious, our dreams, “karma”


So it makes sense that this ZIPPY Uranus Full Moon blooms in my 4th house and I’ve packed up and moved out in the space of 10 days.

Where in your life is a big change BURSTING forth?

The Lunation Themes

The Full Moon blooms in London at 19.18 on the 28th of January 2021. The Sun is applying a very tight conjunction to Jupiter and is Square to Mars. If Jupiter is the big birthday balloon that you’re so proud of, Mars is the little git with a pin who thinks it’s funny to pop it. Especially because he’s being egged on by Uranus, he loves nothing more than disruption.

Another possibility is that Uranus enjoys stealing Mars’ pin so he cannot disrupt as he would wish.

The thing with Uranus is, you never know which way he’s going to go. You can’t know. It is not possible to predict something unpredictable. All we can do is keep our eyes wide open so that when all is revealed, we can respond as quickly as possible. 

I’ve still not spoken about the Moon! But she’s reflecting the actions of the Sun, today more than ever because she’s in the Sun’s sign of Leo.  This Moon is often the romance moon falling close to Valentine’s Day. More on that later…

The Moon in Leo wants FUN, to be adored, to be seen and appreciated, but with all these tense aspects in the sky we might have to learn delayed gratification. DISCIPLINE!

The card I picked for this lunation, last year when I picked a card for every moon in 2021, is the Knight of Pentacles which at first might seem strange for such an electric sky! However, I’ve not yet mentioned that Saturn is very close to the Sun & Jupiter and opposed to the Moon. 

This card reveals something that I would have missed if I was just reading the chart and seeing all the buoyancy, activity and action of Mars and Uranus at the apex of an electric Full Moon.

Saturn is a reminder that with hard work, drudgery and focus, the wildest of beasts can be tamed. But not without a fight, not without discipline to overcome challenges. The Knight of Pentacles represents someone who works hard, slowly, carefully and methodically. They focus on their heart’s desire and make it happen. They may not be the sharpest knife in the rack, but they focus and keep. on. going.  Very interesting that this was the card pulled for the Full Moon in Leo.

Reassuring, all things considered!

I keep talking about Deitrich Pessin’s research on Moon Families and that each Full Moon is seeded at a point in the sky which is close to the Full Moon.  This Full Moon is a CULMINATION and realisation of an idea that was planted at the dark New Moon in Leo in 2019.  This way of working with Moon phases is genius. I love it!

It links the idea, to the fruit. The beginning to the end. So what did you manifest in August 2019 that you’re seeing come to life now?

Here’s what I wrote at the seed;

“This a fragrant, kaleidoscopic, rambunctious hot new moon.?

Just minutes before Mercury stations direct the Moon dips into a bath of glamour, love and glory. Ready to enter the dressing room, have blow dry ??‍♀️ and step out on to the stage to give the performance of their lives. ?? Full of heart, courage and warmth.

The only fly in the ointment is Uranus square to this lunation. This can mean an unexpected turn of events or it could indicate that you will be upstaged, the plug is pulled, or change your mind or decide to “drop the act” and use this opportunity with the microphone to express what you really feel. (The audience may not approve!)

Both Mercury and Jupiter are humming in limbo, neither really moving forwards or backwards. They have that intense feeling when watching something in slow motion, where every word, expression and movement is almost painfully slow in its execution. Time slows down. As you watch the train-wreck or have your breath taken away by the sheer magnificence of it all. What will it be? Well that depends on the Gods, on fates, on your decisions… whichever you choose!

MAKE YOUR INTENTION TO be HONEST, LOVING & BRAVE. Roar like a lion and shoulder the responsibility of leadership. #noble

In the meantime, don a velcro skirt & sing & dance to #buckfizz 

You gotta speed it up

And then you gotta slow it down

‘Cause if you believe that our love can hit the top

You gotta play around

But soon you will find that there comes a time

For making your mind up


You gotta turn it on

And then you gotta put it out

You gotta be sure that it’s something

Everybody’s gonna talk about

Before you decide that the time’s arrived

For making your mind up


Don’t let your indecision

Take you from behind

Trust your inner vision

Don’t let others change your mind


And now you really gotta burn it up

And make another fly by night

Get a run for your money

And take a chance and it’ll turn out right

But when you can see how it’s gotta be

You’re making your mind up.


As Venus in Leo, Olivia Newton John said in Greece #tellmeaboutitstud ??- what do you have planned for this new moon? ?

Here’s the IG post if you’d like to see it! 


What do you take from that?

Firstly, I think it really echoes the Full Moon. The message to go your own way STANDS firm, even if that involves doing something that the AUDIENCE may not like.

Also, the reminder that Leo rules the heart and this is the Valentine’s Day full moon (but a little early!) Can you do what you love? Can you remember to play? Saturn in Aquarius make playing harder, BUT, we have to rise up to meet our heart’s desire.

As Sara Cox said on the radio earlier ” I didn’t think I’d ever listen to Chumbawumba Tubthumping and really resonate with the lyrics.” I get knocked down, but I get up again, they’re never going to keep me down. So someone burst your bubble? It’s not the end.

I found it interesting that Uranus was square to this New Moon seed just as he is now Square to the Full Moon. It really does have that feeling where Sandy emerges in her black catsuit and unexpectedly steals the show… whilst Danny dresses down. Who would’ve said it? Sometimes life can surprise us, especially if we are willing to change.

ULTIMATELY they both follow their heart (Leo) stop caring what other people think (Uranus) and stay loyal to their goal (Saturn.)

In life, in love and out in the world, this Full Moon is the Knight of Pentacles’ reward. The culmination and recognition for doing things your own way and the dogged determination to carry on regardless.

In broader terms – this Full Moon highlights the disparity between the total control of government (Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter in Aquarius, Sun in Aquarius) and the Leo Moon need to be appreciated as an individual who leads from their heart. 

The Leo moon, square to the rebel saloon bursting planets in Taurus indicates that some people will be “kicking off” – or as I wrote in 2019 – “using the microphone to say what they really feel.”

NOBILE LEADERSHIP is amiss.  Who is your leader? What dictates your decisions? Do you trust inner wisdom or external noise?

At the FULL MOON this is less about your intentions going forwards and more about reflecting on the last 18 months and celebrating the joys whilst learning from the mistakes.

I’ve not mentioned Venus who is with Pluto and the big shifts of wealth that are taking place. Watch crypto, particularly Etherium tomorrow, I’m fairly sure it’s going to do some wild moves one way or another! (NOT advice, just commentary.) Venus Pluto is a wealth key, obliteration or riches. Death or wealth via transformation. 

Neptune square to the Nodal axis is another spice to this emotional pea souper. We are in such a fog, literally and metaphorically. Trusting our gut, knowing what is right for us and operating our own nobility and sovereign ideals is how we march on to our bliss.

There is still no fire in the sky, except for this Warm Leo Moon trine to Chiron in Aries. So anyone with planets at about 9 degrees of Sagittarius could be healing their hearts right now. REMEMBERING that the best way forward is to be brave, BELIEVE and declare “you’re the one that I want.” Cheesy, but true.

Did you have a goal? Don’t forget to dream! Jupiter DOES move into Pisces on the 13th of May. Opportunities will arise. It’s important to play, celebrate and dance under the Full Moon in Leo to appreciate and adore all that you love. The energies are high and that’s why frustration could be higher too.

I  just went for a run in the rain and smiled at so many strangers… it’s like we were all in it together. People were more up for eye contact that usual (I don’t think it was just because my cagool is REALLY COOL.) People are missing people. But THEY are still there and better days WILL RETURN. So what can you love now?

Olivia Newton John has the North Node at 5 degrees of Taurus, Venus at 15 Leo and Mars at 15 Scorpio. She feeds right into this T Square in the sky.  She was just played on the radio (BBC Radio 2, for me sins!) as I started typing this, so it seemed like a good sign that I was on the right track….

I got chills.
They’re multiplyin’.
And I’m losin’ control.
‘Cause the power
You’re suplyin’,
It’s electrifyin’!
You better shape up,
‘Cause I need a man
And my heart is set on you.
You better shape up;
You better understand
To my heart I must be true.
Nothin’ left, nothin’ left for me to do.
You’re the one that I want.
You, oo, oo, honey.
The one that I want.
You, oo, oo, honey.
The one that I want
You, oo, oo
Are what I need.
Oh, yes indeed.
If you’re filled
With affection
You’re too shy to convey,
Meditate in my direction.
Feel your way.
I better shape up,
‘Cause you need a man
Who can keep you satisfied.
I better shape up
If I’m gonna prove
That your faith is justified.
Are you sure? Yes, I’m sure down deep inside.
You’re the one that.

As they keep saying “Love isn’t cancelled.”

Take it and RUN! xx