I can’t believe it has taken me FIVE full moons to realise that I can see the moon rise over London town from this house!  Haha! What an idiot!

Last year it was a PARTY MOON!  This year it’s different… Saturn is conjunct the Sun, he’s so serious and wants structure, authority and discipline.

Neptune is squaring Saturn (and will be for all of 2016) it makes things confusing, it shakes boundaries and makes us unclear in our thoughts.

The Sun in Sagittarius wants TRUTH!  The Sun is our Ego and it wants to know what is going on, it takes a step back and asks big picture questions.  The full Moon in Gemini wants detail, it asks why every little movement has been made.  Sagittarius finds that very boring, that’s where the tension comes from.  They both like meeting people though, so do that!

Conversation can lead to gossip and speculation.  The energy is HIGH!  Both Sagittarius and Gemini want to roam, talk, be freeeeee! However, today confusing structures and repercussions are in place.

The solution?  Go out, meet people, dance… resist the urge to over think!  Don’t take it all too PERSONALLY – Gemini is thoroughly IMPERSONAL.  Charming in the moment, but Gemini is not committed!  Don’t believe it for a second.

I am Sagittarius rising Gemini and this full moon has given me a massive HEADACHE!  Gemini energy is overwhelming at the best of times.  It’s 1000 thoughts per second, it’s busy, it’s unfocussed. GIVE IT A REST.  My Dad called me today to criticise (Saturn) something I had written and telling me how much better his version was!  Now with Saturn (the planet of reality and humility) conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius (Sagittarius along with many things is associated with inflation of the ego, confidence and beliefs) I was able to put my Sagittarius Sun (the Sun describes the father) very much back in his box (Saturn the planet of LIMITS conjunct the Sun.)   I gave his ego some real talk and watched the bluster diminish.  He probably feels he did the same to me…!  It’s all always a question of PERSPECTIVE!

That’s why I love Saturn and all his sobriety.   Firm but fair.  I had to take some deep breaths not to go all Gemini moon psycho and naturally I was tempted!  I’ve learnt now, say less, stick to the point.  It’s a real winner!

That’s why we do yoga my friends, to be controllably annoyed and not bat shit crazy!



In some way shape or form our sun sign describes our fathers.  Yes siblings will have different birthdays, but those birthdays will somehow describe some feature of the father.  I am Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Uranus and well – it 100% describes the both of us very well!  More on that another day… today is about the moon… the MOTHER.

The Gemini moon is just chatting.  Chat chat chat chat.  It’s worry, anxiety, change… so perhaps it’s time to take a step back and let some changes happen!  Gemini is FRANTIC it’s just anxiety on top of anxiety so today I would suggest yoga… but when the energy is this huge, this unstoppable I think a more active meditation is more useful.  Dance! Neptune is squaring the Sun and Moon from it’s current home is Pisces… get lost with the collective… MOVE, shake it,  laugh, have some jokes… laugh at each other!  Stop thinking, be in the moment!

I’ve been reading a little bit about bioenergetics and it’s true that sometimes we just have TOO MUCH ENERGY within us to be able to sit and meditate.  Sometimes we need to jump, run, and burn it up because the mind can’t settle until the energy has been burnt.  Write, talk, dance, clean the house, clean yourself!  Do something!  Look after yourself this evening and remember not to take what people say too personally.  We’re all self obsessed (Sagittarius) anyway!

So then! Twist! Even if you’re in your room on your own!

Have a good evening!

x x x x x