Here’s some of what’s happening.

Jupiter is now Retrograde, pivoting on the spot where he initially put on the breaks and started to reverse. This coincides with Summer Solstice AND there was an eclipse a year ago today… so that’s a big hot DATE FOR THE DIARY.

What does it mean? 

The TRUTH, the laws, our beliefs, dreams, hopes, manifestations and aspirations are amplified and inflated. You can manifest more, but also see where there’s been too much faith and not enough thought. 

Neptune is SLOWING to Retrograde at 23 Pisces on the 25th of the month, Jupiter and Neptune turning retrograde in Pisces in the same week really does HIGHLIGHT the energetics of PISCES.

Jupiter rules Pisces traditionally.

Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces.

It’s really not a surprise that it’s raining so much, is it? GET TO KNOW THE WATER OF LIFE. Everything is symbolic and all this grey, foggy, rainy weather is a reminder to connect with the water of life. (I wrote this on Monday)

Capricorn is an earth sign, but the goat is no ordinary goat, he’s a sea goat. The mystical animal that climbs the mountain and has a mystical experience when he’s reached the top.

There’s a resonance between Capricorn and Pisces, the final two yin signs of the zodiac, particularly art this Full Moon as Jupiter in Pisces ARGUABLY forms a harmonious sextile with the Capricorn Moon. 

When I looked at this Full Moon last year I thought to myself, “What an amazing Glastonbury!” LOL. There was something so abundant to the healing potentials of this lunation. Only emphasised by the tarot card that I pulled, The Ten of Cups. In the mythic tarot this represents the union of Eros and Psyche, a couple who fell in love instantly due to a fated connection but went through the trials and strife of relationship (including a nightmare mother-in-law by the name of Venus!)  

The jealous mother in law didn’t fancy sharing her son! (More on the complexity of Venus in my course if you’re interested in dynamics women play out in their COMPLEX relationships.)

Either way, in the end, Eros and Psyche were united as lovers. Mature, wiser, no longer in the first flush of youth and wild attraction; but as two people who know each other “warts and all” but still want to be together.

The maturity of Capricorn, infused with the benevolence of Jupiter who is still quite powerful as he’s stationary in the sky, made me think that this Full Moon is one of magical union. Where we accept, embrace and are stronger together.

HOWEVER, I overlooked that Mars opposition to Saturn and as Saturn rules Capricorn, we shouldn’t overlook him! Saturn is also trine to the North Node and Mercury and forms a sexile to Juno the marriage broker. There’s a reason that June is *the month* to marry and that this Strawberry Moon is also considered the Honeymoon, Moon! Juno’s month is June (natch!)

So her position at the South Node is also worthy of consideration. There are some old old relationship dynamics that have served their purpose and are on their way out.

I didn’t consciously elect all this to host my relationship astrology event (I moved it a few times!) but there are many factors in this chart that suggest it’s time to pay attention to your relationships. 

Mars may be thwarted by Saturn, but he can focus on the union at hand. Juno at the South Node has had enough of non-committal lovers, it’s time to decide, act, commit.  Whether it’s the relationship with yourself or to someone in your life, the Capricorn Full Moon is serious about making it happen.

Venus too, the jealous mother in law herself has just passed an opposition to Pluto – the financial markets are showing us what that means, as is Bitcoin! Go big or go home… This is not a time for buried emotions. Actually, it is, but perhaps it’s time to TELL SOMEONE HOW YOU FEEL and stop hiding behind the shyness? 

Again, that includes the fact that you might need to have a difficult conversation with yourself.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is a time to GET REAL, get clear, get out or get dowwwn.

It’s also worth pointing out that this Full Moon is the bloom of the Total Solar Eclipse in Capricorn that took place on Boxing Day 2019. I started the CYCLES journey that day, and so any of the intentions set under that POWERFUL eclipse that was conjunct Jupiter, is now being supported in it’s bloom – with Jupiter still magically there, holding your hand and encouraging you to focus on what matters, keep on with the struggle and KEEP FAITH.

Jupiter is about faith and it’s a theme that has cropped up for me over the past few days in so much that I’ve been reading and talking to other people about. (Which makes sense, Jupiter is stationary retrograde in Pisces!) What do you have faith in? What is it that you trust and never question? 

Here’s an additional discourse that I’ve put out there a few times over the past year or so. Some of you will’ve heard me say this because it’s not the first time! Bare with…

The Saturn Pluto conjunction – 12th Jan 2020 – was the big one! An aspect that astrologers talked about at conferences I attended since 2016 and I never quite GOT how big it would be myself, but over the years learned that 2020 would indeed be a BIG year.

I attended countless talks where astrologers did their thing and looked to history to try and predict what was going to come.

The last time Saturn and Pluto had met in Capricorn was in the 1500s and corresponded with the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther deemed the Catholic church too powerful and corrupt and wanted to do something about it.

The question is? WHAT is it this time? What is as powerful today as the Catholic Church was back then?

I’ve been pondering it for months and I’ve changed my mind a few times but I’m not going to tell you what I think here. What do you think it is? Where does the power lie?

Here are some short horoscopes of things to ponder and release at this Full Moon.


How do you want the world to perceive you? That problem at work, the pay rise you were after, or the issues with other ladies in the office. Is it worth it? Let it go or moooove on!


Holidays are the one but it’s a bit tricky at present. If you want to expand your mind then maybe it means changing your plans and compromising on where you go and how you get there, the important thing is that you manage a change of scene.


Money honey, where is it?Invest your time and love in something that matters and watch the rest take care of itself. Saturn is supporting you to FOCUS on what you want to say, avoid being scattered and nourish yourself to become a true magnet for abundance.


This is your relationship moon! Venus is in your sign but she’s opposed to Pluto, there are most certainly skeletons in someones closet. Even if it’s just some feelings you’ve kept in for too long. Have a think and write down your dreams, they will give you a clue as to what is bothering you.


Mars in your sign is giving you more energy, put it into your health regime, let go of some of your more controlling behaviours and see what inspiration lands with you as ideas to pursue going forwards. It’s your season next – nourish yourself so that you can set July on fire.


The eclipses and Mercury Retrograde may have thrown you slightly off course and with Jupiter dragging his heels in your 7th house, life could be feeling a little heavy. It’s important that you remember to play and throw yourself into the things that bring you joy.


Your ruler Venus has taken a battering this week but she should at least have a clearer idea of what really matters. Where do you live? Do you love it? Is it your home? What clutter can you clear and photos do you have on display. Take time to create an atmosphere that reflects where you are now, not then.


What are you working for? Frustration is likely as you have to work twice as hard to get to where you want to be. Replace overthinking with positive thinking and watch it all fall into place. Your intentions are powerful and your words cast spells. 


The big question is, what do you value? With your ruler recently retrograde the dreams you have about living abroad and changing destination are suddenly confusing. So work backwards, what matters to you, what do you need, how can you get more of that?


This is your Full Moon, a reset to who you are and what you want – it requires more than a little honesty and after some introspection the ability to dream up a better future. The question is, what has run its course and what do you genuinely want to celebrate?

>> I always receive lots of questions “I’m a Capricorn, what does this mean for me” etc – to learn more come to the event tomorrow. However, in simple terms, if you’re a December Capricorn this Full Moon will have more impact than for those of you born in Janurary.


Big dreams as your subconscious is lit up by this Full Moon. Your intuition may be at an all time high, or your sense of “knowing” – if you have a feeling about something then trust your idea and run with it. Magic could be around the corner.


With Neptune and Jupiter making waves in your sign your energy could be all over the place! All the way up or all the way down! That depends on how you’ve been surfing the waves. Friendships and connections are in the spotlight now – how influenced are you by the people you spend your time with? It could be time to trust yourself a little more.

I first thought it was the banks – perhaps there would be a run on the banks. But… aside from their inevitable demise, they don’t represent that POWER.

I’ve been STUCK on the idea that it’s the media. Social media, censorship, the data robbing Twitters and Instagrams of the world – the new religion is the media.

But I’ve realised that for most people, the Doctor is God. Science is the religion of the people and the pills dispensed by the Church of the Intelligent are the undisputed holy grail.

Clapping for carers, “stay home, protect your NHS” etc – it’s so clear now. Turn on the TV and there’s adverts for meds, get on the tube, drive down a road, enter a shop. Everywhere we go there’s advertising and reverence for masks, hand sanitiser and other brainwashing equipment.

The tannoys are relentless and the lack of logic is utterly out of control.

The fact that most people are willingly taking an experimental drug that remains to be a clinical trial is evidence that their FAITH lies with the laboratories.

Big Pharma has all the power – people laugh in the face of herbal medicine (but not at heroin overdoses, poisoned berries nor 20 cups of coffee.) 

The only question is, how long will it take for this spell to be broken?



Did you know that it’s illegal to say you can cure cancer naturally? However, I know plenty of people who have done just that. Also I’ve heard of plenty of people who have died trying to heal cancer naturally. But…. we all die.

My issue is, how CRAZY triggered people get on this topic. I understand why, but also we need more balance between natural solutions and advanced western medicine. The current situation is totally out of control.


If I were Martin Luther, I know what I’d be fighting against and clamouring for.