The Full Moon in Capricorn

Is a SUPER MOON and it’s here to light up, expose, dredge and cast a steady eye on what needs to change.

There’s a depressive mood to a Capricorn Moon, “Crap-ricorn” as astrologers sometimes joke. A heaviness and eeyore vibe, it’s not a bad thing, we just need to know how to manage our Capricorn placements and let them receive the recognition they deserve.

We ALL have Capricorn in our charts and transiting Pluto in the sky is making his moves known on all of us, so we are all dealing with this heaviness.

I just heard on the radio that depression numbers are on the up and anti-depressants are on the up. I find it so frustrating, that people think the only way out of their depression is through medication. For some people, it is I’m not going to deny the miracles of modern medicine, but for many it isn’t the answer. It’s just a headfuck of numbness and an inability to intuitively guide ourselves to where we need to be.

In my last newsletter I wrote about first bout of depression aged 11, it was so severe and no one knew how to manage me, in the end I worked it out for myself and have been refining mood-management ever since.  Now in my older, wiser years I have the linguistics, friends, therapists, homeopaths, herbalists, medical astrologers and all the rest of it for support but in a way it’s the things I did in my muggle years that are the most relevant.

Here are some observations:

  • Depression isn’t logical. You can have a great life, great house, lovely husband, great job etc… and be depressed. This is a fundamental fact that is consistently overlooked. If your soul is off kilter, depression lands.
  • Depression and low mood can be seen in the birth chart, both as a natal predisposition – ie, someone who is naturally inclined to suffer from bouts of very low mood and also due to transits. Transits are the movements of the planets in the sky (such as this transiting Full Moon in Capricorn) transits trigger events and experiences and one of them is depression. *This* is one of the most validating, useful, healing, reassuring and insightful facets of astrology and the reason many astrologers fell in love with astrology in the first place.
  • A Saturn transit that makes you feel depressed can be a great thing. It doesn’t feel like it at the time, but it is the trigger and incentive to change what is broken. “Nothing changes if nothing changes” and pain prompts us to change more than joy! Human nature!
  • Suppressed negative emotions can linger in the body and manifest as pain. That bad knee or bad shoulder? Was it the accident that happened two years ago or is it an emotional sadness that we are too controlling and repressed to FEEL so we are feeling it physically instead?
  • Clinical depression and passing depression “the common cold” of depression are not the same thing. I know it’s massively controversial to talk about things like this. I join lots of chats on the internet about it and so many people have found solace in medication and that’s a wonderful thing. However, I’ve seen many people go mad and become even more isolated because of medication and all they really needed to do was stop taking medication and CHANGE SOMETHING. Gaslighting ourselves into thinking we *SHOULD* be happy because we have things that society values above all else is a CATASTROPHE of the human spirit.
  • Grief is something else. Sadness. Longing. These are all real. We are not talking about rational unhappiness we are talking about a sick psyche manifesting as depression. Also, I’m not talking about post-natal depression where bodily chemicals have taken over. Same applies to drug takers who have damaged their equilibrium. If you are a Capricorn type and you keep taking drugs and suffering mental health crises, perhaps it’s time to stop?

Capricorn holds us accountable. Makes us responsible. Shows us reality. Can we face it?

Depression and low mood is part of life, as is joy and celebration. Jupiter and Saturn transit in cycles and bring with them joy, growth, achievement, manifestation, overwhelm, retreat and success. Ebbs and flows, reality and bliss.

This Full Moon in Capricorn is a supermoon aligned with Pluto. It’s a wrecking ball here to decimate stuck and stagnant energy so go gently with yourselves because ALL THE RAW EMOTIONS are right at the top of wherever you were keeping them from view.

In the long run this is healthy, fruitful and refocussing. 

What REALLY matters to you?

What is the most important thing you do with your time?

Who are the people you really love and how to you show them that you care?

It’s delicate.

Damian Rice who has Venus at 29 Capricorn is always joking about the depressing songs he writes.

We might kiss when we are alone

Nobody’s watching

We might take it home

We might make out when nobody’s there

It’s not that we’re scared

It’s just that it’s delicate

So why do you fill my sorrows

With the words you’ve borrowed

From the only place you’ve known?

And why do you sing Hallelujah

If it means nothing to ya?

Why do you sing with me at all?

We might live like never before

When there’s nothing to give

Well how can we ask for more?

We might make love

In some sacred place

The look on your face is delicate

So why do you fill my sorrow

With the words you’ve borrowed

From the only place that you’ve known?

And why do you sing Hallelujah

If it means nothing to ya?

Why do you sing with me at all?

Why do you fill my sorrow

With the words you’ve borrowed

From the only place that you’ve known?

Why do you sing Hallelujah

If it means nothing to ya?

Why do you sing with me at all?

And when I just wrote “it’s delicate” it made me think of this song and then I realised that he must have Capricorn placements (because I love him and I have Venus in Capricorn and Venus describes what and who we LOVE – we have THE SAME VENUS and this is why I love him so.)

CAPRICORN IS DELICATE. Venus at 29 Capricorn is VERY delicate (because it’s critical, extreme, 29th degree.) 

This Full Moon is exposing all the most delicate feelings that we have tried to keep hidden from view. 

Everything we haven’t dared admit to ourselves. 

Everything we didn’t let ourselves feel.

The vulnerability that has been avoided.

This is the alchemy of The Full Moon in Capricorn as we cannot avoid the REALITY of what we want any longer.

We are releasing LOTS. We are deciding what matters to us. 

And next time someone tells you that Capricorn isn’t sensitive, feel free to knock them out!