On Thursday I sat at the front of an astrology lecture and talked through my chart.

The question was asked, “what does a person with Sun conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius want more than anything?”


They all responded in unison, and we laughed.

Haha!  No shit sherlocks.  So good.  People sometimes say “you could apply that to anyone” etc… about astrology.  But, you can’t.


It was November 2004 and I was at the student union at Planet of Sound… totally drunk, sitting on the loo.  Having one of those this is an amazing night moments.  Do you know, when you’re on a night out having an epic night… the world is a bit fuzzy from the booze but your mood is HIGH and it’s still not midnight!  Well I was having a great night and on the back of the door was a quote that said something along the lines of;
“All anyone wants, more than anything else, is to be understood.”
It resonated with me so much.  I always wanted to be understood!  Now and again these bad ass girls and boys walk into my life and just GET IT.  I fucking love them.  What a JOY it is to be understood and laughed at!
A group of astrologers can look at my horoscope and laugh out loud as I spoke the TRUTH of my chart. What glory is that!
The things is, right now, all I do is work on all this stuff, so I’m totally in tune with where I’m going and what I’m doing.  I read, read and then read some more.  However, you need astrology most when you’re lost. When you’ve been so busy or so hurt or so devastated that you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing anymore! Not to tell you who you are, but to remind you that you love freedom, or change, or drama and acting, or singing, or healthy routines or letter writing… when you’ve just totally lost touch with what sets you on fire.  EVERYONE has something that sets them on fire.
It’s just absolutely magic the way it works.  I think when I first started and I saw fire and extroversion in someone and they were rising Leo, I was mega excited at how well it worked.  Now, I just expect it.  It’s the way it is.  It just is.  It’s still beautifully exciting though!
I’m working on ways to help people through things as my focus has always been Health, Horoscopes and Harmony.
It’s amazing, it’s magic!  Explore!