There are now two FREE workshops available anytime on YouTube. These were recorded for Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival and the videos are my signature event “Astrology Basics” broken down in two parts with a free workbook for you to complete. Find them here.

Upcoming events are available to book here.



🇮🇹 This belated Roman adventure that was scuppered in 2020 is now at 50% capacity – if you’d like to join us, please read more about it here and confirm your spot. It’s from the 7th-10th October, in a stunning location… with some lush astrology workshops with relaxation and laughter intended.



🌎 I’m going to teach two Astro*Carto*Graphy workshops online. This is the astrology of TRAVEL and relocation! It’s my current favourite topic and I’m really excited to break this down and share it with you.

🌎 This first session is the very basics of Astro*Carto*Graphy (A*C*G) and Astro Mapping. We will look at the line meanings, how it works and how to generate your map online.
A basic understanding of planets is recommended.
17th August, £33, BOOK HERE.


LEARN TO READ YOUR BIRTH CHART THE LOVE EDITION LANDS with the first live session on the 30th of August! Doors open next Thursday with the New Moon in Leo.

This is my signature course + extra content on compatibility and matching… I can’t say why I had not already added it in.

Full details announced next week. Sign up here to be the first to hear.


– Wilderness Festival on the 6th of August talking “Cosmic Connections” and all things Relationship Astrology.

– Happy Place Festival 7th of August in Chiswick and 3rd and 4th of September at Tatton Park.

Tickets to these numerology and relationship astrology events are available online at the respective festival websites.


I’ve had a cancellation on the 20th of August so if anyone needs me at a private event that evening, I’m available for hire. 💁🏽‍♀️


If you’re not on social then you might’ve missed this exciting news!


My signature events:

  • Astrology Basics
  • Cosmic Connections Relationship Astrology(this is the most fun!) and is available for free here.
  • Cosmic Key Skills and Stellar Branding
  • Numerology Very Basics
  • What Number are you On?


I work(ed) at festivals, retreats, in stores and host private parties!  If you are interested in an event, please email I do private zoom call parties.