Online readings or streamed events are still here for you to book.


There are now two FREE workshops available anytime on YouTube. These were recorded for Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival and the videos are my signature event “Astrology Basics” broken down in two parts with a free workbook for you to complete. Find them here.

My next event is on the Friday the 13th, it’s called Spiritual Hygiene.

Some of my favourite events are:

  • Astrology Basics
  • Cosmic Connections (this is the most fun!)
  • Cosmic Key Skills and Stellar Branding
  • Numerology Very Basics




An exciting course for people who love to teach themselves but need concepts explaining and want to have their questions answered.


I work(ed) at festivals, retreats, in stores and host private parties!  If you are interested in an event, please email I do private zoom call parties.