The way this year is panning out is mind boggling. Since early January the astrology has been so evident and “manifest” it’s really been astounding.

Saturn stations retrograde on Monday and the various shifts in sky with Retrograde Jupiter, Venus and the shift of the nodal axis have all perfectly coincided with the relaxation of the lockdown. (But potentially a retrograde move?) 

The question I’ve asked myself is – did it have to be like this? 

Consider this, we can have a Pluto transit to our descendent at any age (or not at all) but you can have this big, transformative experience age 2 or 22 or 60; whenever.  This is not a breezy transit… it’s probably one of the most challenging times of your life.  However, the way astrology works is in synchronicity; as above, so below. The experience we have matches the archetypal experience of Pluto to our descendent, one does not cause the other.

Whether it’s your partner cheating on your, or dying, or someone you love moving away to another city, or losing your most favourite teddy bear.  It doesn’t matter… what matters is how you experienced that grief, how it changed you, how you understand loss and feeling out of control. What it feels like to stand in the awesome presence of life and know you have zero bargaining power.  Surrender, or else.

The astrology of 2020 is huge and whatever happened had to be a big deal. Sweden have carried on regardless as a contrasting anomaly.  As the nodal axis has shifted into Gemini and Sagittarius we are going to learn so much about OPINION and fact.  Fascinating that “Professor Lockdown” was caught breaking lockdown the day that the true nodal axis shifted to the axis of truth and lies / knowledge and opinion.

You know I’ve taken Corona Virus seriously and I have potions on potions! But the question remains… would the world have handled this differently if there hadn’t been a Saturn, Ceres, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn at the South Node?  We had to traverse the landscape of systemic change somehow!  The old systems had to crumble and this is how it is happening.  It is fascinating to watch and try to make sense of the fact that the governments, leaders… all of us are part of a life – changing transition and THIS is how it has manifested.  The leaders probable are not relaxing lockdown because Saturn turns Retrograde on Monday – but life must imitate the skies.  It always does.