What is a birth chart consultation?

Your birth chart or natal chart is a map of the sky taken at the moment you were born; it is a celestial snapshot in time and entirely unique to you. A reading, or as I prefer to call it “a consultation” with me is an opportunity for us to explore your birth chart. The chart is very revealing but a consultation is a two way process where your experiences and perceptions breathe life into the chart.

In every moment we are co-creating our reality with our attitudes, beliefs, passions and fears. The purpose of having your birth chart read is to have a clearer vision of what your best life might look like and to highlight any blocks that might be getting in the way.

Definitions of what is a reading vs a consultation are subjective.

I have 50minute readings where I READ your chart and your numbers to you, but there is limited time for me to get to know you and really dig deep.

Consultative work is available as part of a package where meet at least three times and build on layers of insight with plans, goals and objectives to work towards. If you are interested in this sort of work please apply here and we can arrange a call.