What is a birth chart consultation?

Your birth chart or natal chart is a map of the sky taken at the moment you were born; it is a celestial snapshot in time and entirely unique to you. A reading, or as I prefer to call it “a consultation” with me is an opportunity for us to explore your birth chart. The chart is very revealing but a consultation is a two way process where your experiences and perceptions breathe life into the chart.

In every moment we are co-creating our reality with our attitudes, beliefs, passions and fears. The purpose of having your birth chart read is to have a clearer vision of what your best life might look like and to highlight any blocks that might be getting in the way.

The consultation should leave you feeling validated and lighter than air!

Our First Conversation

  • After you book in you will receive an email that requests your time, date and place of birth to the nearest minute. I will also ask to know what you would like to focus on.
  • The first thing I do is to take a full case history which begins with the question “what was your birth like?” and is followed by lots of questions all about your life, values, talents, joys, key themes about your parents, work habits, eating habits, relationship patterns and goals, finance behaviour, beliefs, travel goals, career, friendships and any psychological exploration you have already completed.
  • I will explore your chart and again, ask whether there is anything you would like to focus on. (I repeat this question because I know what it’s like to have a reading where I have a burning question but the person I am talking to will not stop saying irrelevant things! I personally find that frustrating, so I frequently revert back to you! However, most people are happy for me to take the lead.)
  • I will refer back to your chart and explain your natal horoscope with the content of the case study. Asking you questions and reflecting back to you things you have told me. This is very interesting as people usually tell me things that I can “hear” in the chart but being able to put a new perspective on it is really usful.
  • After looking at your natal horoscope I will forecast and look at interesting dates to act on or simply dates to observe and keep in your calendar.  We can also look at dates from the past to understand what was happening and understand its context in your life story.
  • You will be able to record the reading and keep it to listen back to.  2020 has been a big year for Zoom and I’m not one to break with tradition!  If for any reason you are not able to record our conversation I will do it for you and send you the link to download. I will not keep a record of the conversation.

Following Up

  • Clients to check in once or twice a year, perhaps around their birthday or in January to understand key points and themes for the following year. I always forget to sell followups at the end of a consultation! Please know that you are always welcome to return and if you have more to understand, any burning questions, then please come back as soon as you feel.  I have a few clients who begin with monthly sessions as they are excited to explore as much as possible!

Relationship Astrology

  • Charts seem to come to life EVEN MORE when two people come for a reading together. We learn so much about ourselves from our relationships and the way other people see us.  It can be very constructive for two people to join a session together. I will spend time reading each of your charts individually and then we can see how you interact.


  • To reserve your spot, please click here.
  • Everything we discuss is entirely confidential. It is always worth pointing this out!
  • Please note: if you have no idea of your time of birth then there is a limit to what can be achieved with a reading but I can have a go at rectifying your chart.  Chart rectification is where I ask you lots of questions to ascertain how transformative life events show up in in you chart.