Chart Reading

Your natal chart is a snapshot of the sky, taken at your moment of birth.  The position of the planets and  the way they interact reveals in astounding amount about your life choices, desires, needs, talents and drives.  To complete a reading I need your exact date, time and place of birth.

Anyone who doesn’t have their time of birth, we can try and work it out by rectifying the chart.

How It Works

If you decide to have a reading with me I will look at your chart and really familiarise myself with the chart details; aspects, transits, progressions and solar arc directions.  This tells me something about who you are, what you love and are good at and perhaps patterns that you might want to avoid.  I can only reach conclusions via dialog with you.  The development and interpretation of transits then enables me to build on what might be going on for you now, what has recently happened and the sort of things to expect going forwards.

Our conversation will be recorded on zoom (unless you do not want a recording) and will be 75 minutes long.

I will send you the recording.

The cost of the reading is £140.

The cost of a reading that includes an arty A4 print of your chart in your choice of colour is £180.