Newsletter 30th Jan 2021

Dearest Friends, I'm writing this here because MailChimp is being naughty. I'm switching everything over next month. BORING info for you, but a lesson for us all with Mercury about to go Retrograde in Aquarius

Full Moon in Leo

Hey Guys! It's my last blog written sitting in my flat in London Town - and the Full Moon is in my 4th house. How fitting. There is a link here to work out which

November Newsletter

I just sent out my November Newsletter.  Thankfully I noticed that it looked like this in your inbox, so it wasn't possible to see that there was a massive long blog post included!   .

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Miscellaneous Magic

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Love and Relationships

Snowman Theory ©

I just received a Groupon email selling me kitchen and loo roll with The Snowman on. Synchronistic; there will be lots of water to mop up!  Time to post this I think; snow season is on

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