Love is the answer – The New Moon in Cancer

When the moon resets at home in Cancer, we are all invited to explore what home means to us. Cancer is the sign most associated with BELONGING, family, connection, nourishment and safety.  There is so

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Full Moon in Capricorn

BIG HOROSCOPES FOR A BIG WEEK! Here’s some of what’s happening. Jupiter is now Retrograde, pivoting on the spot where he initially put on the breaks and started to reverse. This coincides with Summer Solstice

Newsletter 30th July

In my last newsletter I wrote about the latter stages of my Saturn Return and yesterday I wrote about rock bottom on Instagram.  It got me thinking about learning to FEEL the rock bottom.

Pro Relaxation Tip

I was lying in bed with my Castor Oil Pack on earlier thinking, “I really must write about this for my BLOG!” It's a rare thing that I get to sit with my computer and

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Miscellaneous Magic

Back to Blogging

In 2006 when I first came to Thailand I used to send email “newsletters” to anyone I could.  I loved telling stories and connecting with all the people I was missing.  Whenever I travel I

A Trip Around The Sun

Another year, another trip around the sun!  Not just because it's nearly December, but because it's my birthday next week and my personal year is drawing to a close.   Being a December baby just

Chart Prints

HOLA! A rare blog, I've not been instagramming much either because during Mercury Retrograde my computer and phone went completely insane.  My phone was making calls on it's own and jumping from app to app.

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Love and Relationships

Astrology and Love

There a few questions that people ask me when they find out I’m an astrologer and the main two are these: so which sign should I be with? Followed by, how did you get into

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