In 2006 when I first came to Thailand I used to send email “newsletters” to anyone I could.  I loved telling stories and connecting with all the people I was missing.  Whenever I travel I am constantly narrating in my head.  Everything I see, I turn into prose. Story after story.  Does everyone do this?! It’s part of the reason I love to be alone and write my diary, to syphon off these narrations.

In 2014 I started blogging because I wanted to write about astrology before I was formally educated in it.  I wrote my observations, the things I had already learnt.  I wanted a record of how I thought before my intuitions had been corrected by teachers.  The other side of my Saturn Return, just typing away to absolutely no-one, t’was magic.

This all makes sense because I have Mercury (the mind) exactly with Neptune (the collective/ idealism)  A Mercury Neptune person is scared of forgetting everything and has a journalistic ability to tell a story with gloss and sheen, to idealise it a little bit.  This aspect has lots more possibilities, potentials and manifestations… but I’m not here to talk about that!

In 2016, the last time I came to Thailand I resolved to blog about the experience, the words kept buzzing around my head, I had stories to tell.  I would tell them on Instagram though, because I could sit in a deck chair on my phone and didn’t need my laptop.  This was also 6 months into my Insta journey, so it made sense to put my efforts there!  However in the process, I STOPPED blogging.

However, Insta makes my shoulder stiff from all the typing on my phone and there isn’t space to say everything I want to.


  • I feel the need to “create content” that is purely astrological because, everyone wants to know about the moon. So all my instagram posts have been, basically like everyone else’s.
  • I’m aspiring to be “professional” and so I have subconsciously decided that what I write should take on the same format as everyone else.
  • I’m so impressionable that I have absorbed the tone and voice of the other “spiritual bloggers” online. Getting pulled in different directions by various influences.

I’ve realised that this is the main reason I’ve avoided instagram for the past week or so.  I needed a break to to get back to my voice!

Mercury Neptune has another feature that is is quite porus and I have this lots of other places in my chart.  I’m impressionable AF and will adopt the language, cadence and style of the people I surround myself with.  This was handy when I lived in Italy and could nail the accent in quite a short time.  It’s not useful when I’m trying to maintain a “unique voice” in the world of astrology and I find myself shape-shifting into everything I read online!

People with 12th house  / 8th house / watery placements need time alone to cleanse themselves of all the psychic debris they accumulate and to understand what is them and what is not-them!  I know this, but having the time to put it into practice is another thing.  ESPECIALLY when there is so much BIG ASTROLOGY out there in the sky at the moment, I want to talk about it… but I was buzzing like a fly stuck in the conservatory. Boing, boing, boing from wall to wall.  Time offline has helped me to fly out of the window and connect with something bigger.

This is another reason to blog, I don’t have to go on insta and be confronted with the words and lives of other people. I’m offline now and offline is my thing. That’s why I created CYCLES.

So, I’ll keep it short because who the hell reads long blog posts?  Not me!  I read subheadings and perhaps one or two paragraphs and then I’m outta there in 3 seconds.

Chat soon,