At 8.21pm BST the Sun moves into Libra, marking the end of Virgo Season and more importantly, the end of SUMMER!

It’s not the prettiest chart I’ve ever seen, but it is powerful! HIGH IMPACT! If this were a person, they would make a VERY strong first impression on you.

To be honest I’m ready for it, I’ve been holding this space for too long. An equinox chart, or a solstice chart, shapes the forthcoming quarter. We can infer something from its arrangement.



What can we see?

  • The Sun and Moon intercepted in the 6th and 12th. (Health, institutions, daily routines implicated!)
  • Uranus bang on the ascendent. (WAKEY WAKEY!)
  • Pluto on the MC.
  • Venus applying to oppose Uranus. (Relationships set to change (this can be political relationships / think international relations shifts. ESPECIALLY as Mercury will soon be Retrograde in Libra, the sign of relationships.)
  • Mars and Venus in detriment.
  • The Moon applying a square to Pluto, and conjunct Eris, opposing Mercury. A Cardinal T Square. (SO MUCH PRESSURE! DESPERATE to instigate something… wants to talk and MAKE LIFE HAPPEN, transformative volcanic energy.)
  • Mercury has just passed a trine to Jupiter – that’s a positive note.
  • A grand trine in AIR! Saturn, Ceres and Sun/ Mars combo. That is fantastic. I love that. I AM READY TO COMMUNICATE, learn, teach, share.


What can we say?

CHANGE, pressure, revolution / evolution, extreme governance, frustrated people, shocks and surprises. Education, community, ideas, positive people, social reform.

A few people have messaged me asking about connections between the Full Moon and all the volcanos erupting. Yes, course there is a correlation, just as there’s a correlation between Bitcoin and Astrology.

Astrology is connected to EVERYTHING – it is a map of the moment, the energetic principles that translate the MOOD and vice versa.

There is PRESSURE in the cosmos, there is PRESSURE on us, the WORLD is under pressure. I’ve been using the volcano emoji in my posts! Particularly last week when they deleted my instagram.

If I were a volcano, I would’ve been “grumbling” last week and put on some sort of watch list.

However, I used that energy to reignite my passion for everything that I’m doing.

Nonetheless, the mood is volcanic and Pluto (God of the Underworld) at the very apex of the Equinox chart speaks of the rumblings and grumblings of the underworld (Lava) and with the Moon in HOT Aries, applying a square to Pluto we may witness more DYNAMIC responses.

The get out is Jupiter in Aquarius in the 11th house.

He’s talking to Mercury and he is sextile the Moon. When he changes direction on the 18th of October I HOPE that THE PEOPLE start to remember their power that LIES DORMANT.

Jupiter exaggerates and he is in Aquarius, the sign of the people. There was a great Jupiter in Aquarius story earlier this year when Jupiter was at the VERY final degree of Aquarius.

FYI Jupiter will be at that degree again on Christmas Day..! What could we imagine for that?


CERES is on the North Node in Gemini.

Ceres is at 11 degrees Gemini and the North Node is at 4 degrees Gemini.


At the beginning of the pandemic, actually, pre-pandemic I wrote this blog titled; Ceres, Women, Food and Action.

I wrote it on the 12th of January 2020 and talked about how I thought CERES (the asteroid) was more involved in the apocalyptic astrology of 2020 than most people realised.

Ceres AKA Demeter is very relevant today, at Equinox because she governed the Harvest. We have winter because Persephone went down to the underworld and Ceres was so depressed that her beloved daughter had gone that all the earth’s brilliance withered and died.

Ceres speaks about the power of a mother’s love but also illustrates the complexity of that dynamic. The love is strong enough to feed the world, the despair at parting enough to leave them to starve.


Izzy Kirkby and I did an event for Harvest on Sunday, it was a special afternoon and whilst we were there, discussing these themes, we realised that we needed another event. One that discusses Ceres in depth, but also with the practical tips on how to manage the harvest so that it sustains us this winter.

(Particularly as a squirrel ran past us as we debated preparing for winter!)


Izzy has the Sun at 11 Gemini (Ceres is on her Sun right now) and I have Chiron at 5 Gemini so Ceres is on my Chiron, it’s time for us to do some teaching!

For more information on the event, click here.


And as for the rest of us, for Equinox. It’s time to learn, share, communicate and connect. PRESSURE is building but it’s what we do with it that matters.

I didn’t erupt last week, I made things and used that zeal for increased focus.

All roads lead to Rome; either we take the aligned and upbeat path forwards, or we suffer and are cajoled into growth. Ultimately we are moving forwards and we work with astrology to make this as pain free as possible!

MORE yoga, more journalling, more work, more salient facts, less time wasting, more effort to create.

This violent energy can be harnessed if we sidestep the triggers, avoid the news, LISTEN, slow down and turn inwards. Ceres on the north node calls us into her themes of stewardship for the earth, care taking, nurturing and listening to Nature.

This is a revolutionary time, an intense period that will be remembered forever as an important part of our history.

Ceres reminds us that the power of our love can move mountains, the question is, what mountains are we going to move?