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Full Moon in Leo

Hey Guys! It's my last blog written sitting in my flat in London Town - and the Full Moon is in my

Full Moon in Leo2021-01-27T23:21:01+00:00

November Newsletter

I just sent out my November Newsletter.  Thankfully I noticed that it looked like this in your inbox, so it wasn't possible

November Newsletter2020-11-08T16:42:39+00:00

Halloween Horror Scopes

Each year there are 13 Full Moons so one month of every year contains two.  This year it is October and the

Halloween Horror Scopes2020-10-31T11:05:01+00:00

New Moon in Libra MUSING

I've been thinking about this New Moon today because AS ALWAYS the energies of the moon are manifesting before my eyes everywhere I

New Moon in Libra MUSING2020-10-16T17:05:37+00:00


A Full Moon conjunct Chiron to *kick off* October is zero surprise. It’s quite a month! You can cry about Chiron, he

LA LUNE2020-10-01T13:58:05+00:00

Newsletter 30th July

In my last newsletter I wrote about the latter stages of my Saturn Return and yesterday I wrote about rock bottom on Instagram.  It got me thinking about learning to FEEL the rock bottom.

Newsletter 30th July2020-07-30T15:32:51+00:00

June Newsletter

"Therapy can be done to the self.  Understanding is therapy.  Love is the ultimate therapy.  Therapists, teachers and gurus can help, but only

June Newsletter2020-08-20T14:25:33+00:00

Did it have to be like this?

The way this year is panning out is mind boggling. Since early January the astrology has been so evident and "manifest" it's

Did it have to be like this?2020-05-10T16:39:44+00:00