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Full Moon in Libra

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Whoever said this didn’t have the Sun conjunct Uranus…” was  a conversation I had with

Full Moon in Libra2020-04-06T16:39:59+00:00

New Moon in Aries + Tangents

Hello friends! After over ten days of saying I’m going to write, I’m actually sitting down to do it. I left London

New Moon in Aries + Tangents2020-03-23T21:55:14+00:00

Pro Relaxation Tip

I was lying in bed with my Castor Oil Pack on earlier thinking, “I really must write about this for my BLOG!”

Pro Relaxation Tip2020-03-02T22:37:35+00:00

Back to Blogging

In 2006 when I first came to Thailand I used to send email “newsletters” to anyone I could.  I loved telling stories

Back to Blogging2020-03-12T11:53:12+00:00

The Big Weekend

Good Morning! It’s 9am Thai time which makes it 2am UK time and I’m on the plane home… which makes me very

The Big Weekend2020-03-19T18:00:04+00:00

New Moon in Leo

NEW MOON IN LEO ♌️ 💖 amazing pic by @naturabruta I wanted to expand upon what I've written on instagram because I

New Moon in Leo2020-03-12T11:53:13+00:00

July Horoscopes 2019

Eclipse season and Mercury turns retrograde on July the 7th.  Brace yourself for the memes and amateur astrology!  This *is* a big

July Horoscopes 20192020-03-12T11:53:13+00:00