It’s after midnight so my attempt for a daily blog has failed, but at least I am NEARLY there.

Astrology school has surprised me because astrology is more embedded in society than I had realised.  My little experiment with words and language earlier this year is nothing, there are so many wonderful things that I have learnt and am looking forward to share.  For instance, Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and in passing our lecturer said, “lots of words beginning with P have connotations with Scorpio.”

Passion, possessive, perverse, pure, phoenix, pervade, private, proud, psychology, past, pain, power….

I loved that random connection.  It’s the kind of pattern I would’ve seen as a child but not been able to understand.

Also, something interesting… news headlines all point towards the occurrences in the sky.
Saturn, the heavy, dreaded planet moved from Scorpio (where it is in my chart) and has moved into Sagittarius.  In the final lectures of last year we discussed the implications for this move.  Sagittarius is all about travel, foreigners, belief systems and morals.  Saturn (for anyone who hasn’t turned 29/30 and hasn’t felt what Saturn is all about…) is about fear, limitation, death, confinement, depression, obstruction and respect.  Saturn rules Capricorn (it rules for most of January)  it is about focus, cold, hard, reality and it imposes limits.  So, Saturn makes you take stock of your life and think about reality.  It isn’t frivolous and fun, it is stern, strict and severe, it is a TEACHER, an aggressive time keeper, it is the demanding father figure.

However, it means you sort yourself out, get out of debts, change jobs, get married, buy a house and basically grow up and become true to yourself.  I wrote in my diary on more than one occasion that 2014 felt like one big long January 1st (as I was having my ‘Saturn Return’ – Saturn was back at the point it was when I was born and it was making me question my existence and how I used my TIME.)  I didn’t want to party, I wanted to stay in, think, make plans, exercise, write, read, save money and I basically spent a year feeling January (Capricorn / Saturn) Blue.  (However, I’ve been in detention, thought about my life and the drudgery has has paid of because I’m now following my dreams and passions with the exuberance and freedom of a true Sagittarius!)

At school we discussed what Saturn in Sagittarius could mean for society and guessed it could be that relations with foreigners in this country, immigration etc… could get worse (UKIP).  It could be a hard time for Gypsies as they are travelers.  It could literally mean that travel itself will be difficult.  We were told that as the planet transits (24th December) the things we see in the press are big indicators for what this will mean for us over the next 2.5 years.

The days of the actual transit there were a few plane crashes, a Virgin plane caught fire, one went missing, a boat sank, a cruise ship caught fire, the strange bin lorry story in Glasgow hit.  Subsequently, we have had insane terror crises in France.

NONE of this is new…  There are always plane disasters and there seems to be much terrorism, however, I would guess that it will continue to be a rough ride for the next couple of years.
My knowledge is LIMITED.  These are ideas and indicators for us all to think about.

Saturn in Scorpio (think of all those P words above) was all about the Jimmy Savillesque sex scandals…. the many many scandals.  Jimmy Saville himself was a Scorpio born on Halloween (obviously.)
Saturn will move back into Scorpio in the summer where apparently we can expect lots of these perversion cases to be closed and completed.

And now for bed.

I hope you found that interesting!

Frank x