Gals and Guys,

I’m very comfortable with being a spiritual bore… I started 2015 with a yoga retreat and I enjoyed it!

I enjoyed… most of it.  However there was that bit of me inside that screamed, “IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT! YOU SHOULD BE IN LONDON AT A PARTY NOT SITTING WITH A BUNCH OF BADLY DRESSED HIPPIES TALKING ABOUT ENERGY.”

Course, one must not judge.  I had a lovely time and actually, we ended up sitting by the fire and drinking loads anyway.

The idea has just come to me… to create a weekend retreat for the modern gal who understands the benefits of yoga and meditation but doesn’t want to commit fully to the mung bean and tofu lifestyle.

For girls who want to have a laugh, cosy up and watch old episodes of Friends by the fire after a busy day of yoga, meditation, astrology consultations and Reiki.

Where healthy and spiritual meets modern and average.  That’s where we want to be.

Open minded, growing in confidence, capable, happy and LAUGHING.

Would you join us?

I’m going to put together a crew and find a reasonable price point – I’m good at bargain hunting.
For now, if you have ideas about locations or would like to be involved then let me know!