Another year, another trip around the sun!  Not just because it’s nearly December, but because it’s my birthday next week and my personal year is drawing to a close.


Being a December baby just adds to the end of year reflections WHAT A YEAR – some things that I’ve discovered this year.


Numerology is legit.

I can’t imagine doing a reading without it, the way I describe it at the moment is to say that Numerology is like the scaffold, or the foundations of the building.  Astrology illuminates and adds detail, polish and finesse to our understanding (in my opinion!)

Knowing my life path number, and the numbers of the people around me is a shorthand, super succinct way of describing someone.  Writing a 100 word summary that says everything you need it to say is harder than writing 2000 words of waffle, tell me your number.  Capture it all.


I think I am too 6

Not just being born on the 6th but also my name but ALSO having a 7th house Sun and relational Venus on my MC.  I think about other people too much, I see my self through the eyes of others too much, I try to get into the brains of other people and think what they need me to say and then deliver.  It’s almost like being a Libra, needing constant relating and validation, and though friendly, isn’t always useful when moving forwards.  For taking to clients it’s great, but it is EXHAUSTING as a character trait.


Cliches are there for a reason

Do what you love, the rest will follow.

Only spend what you have already earned.

Say yes to everything and then learn how to do it afterwards.

Opposites attract.

Give generously, law of attraction is always at play.  I.e. you only get what you give.

You can only love and support others as much as you love and support yourself.

Everyone is doing their best.


Deadlines are gold

This is my Black Friday post! hahaha! I need a really bitchy PA.


Joy is our birthright

I think this is something we all need to remember as tricky political climates are storming all around us.  Our happiness really does come from ourselves.  With Jupiter in Sagittarius for the next 12 months we can focus on the good.  Think of people rallying around and enjoying a singsong during war times. I’m not saying there will be a war, I just think we need to remember to laugh and rise above the challenges.  JOY is the birthright.

” Osho posits that to be joyful is the basic nature of life. Joy is the spiritual dimension of happiness, in which one begins to understand one’s intrinsic value and place in the universe. Accepting joy is a decision to “go with the flow,” to be grateful to be alive and for all the challenges and opportunities in life, rather than setting conditions or demands for happiness.”


Manifesting works

Set the intention, write it down.

What do we want to manifest?


I met the loveliest little Rising Gemini at the Northcote Road Christmas Market – she was asking questions about manifesting, new moons, what to wish for, how it works etc… it was funny to look in the mirror of a fellow Gemini Ascendent and what seems like a slightly intense approach to meeting new people!  She said she might wish for new clothes, to which I pointed out that’s probably not the best thing to try and manifest, we need to think about how we can be a great friend, or focus on our homework, and how to feel happier… always focusing on positive ideas and personal development.

Talking to anyone younger than 29 comes with an extra sense of responsibility.  I want to leave things looser and suggest less, I try to stick to basic core features.  The chart reflects our possibilities and whilst there is so much to discern, our potential is limitless so I keep my suggestions and bias to a minimum.  If you are 26 and don’t know what you’re doing, do not worry about it!!  Life pre Saturn Return is a bit foggy for most people, just “follow your nose.”  Do what you love, explore what you enjoy… trust that it will work out.  TIME.  TIMING.  We cannot bloom before it is our time.  I was going NUTS in my 20s looking for something to work at and am so happy to finally have found it!  But this was my timing, and the things you learn on the way are not to be underestimated.


And to finish?  I’m not sure what I’d say about this year other than I’ve worked relentlessly. I totally missed the heatwave, I didn’t make a snowman in the snow, I haven’t relaxed properly without faffing about online for more than 4 hours at a time and I’ve loved the buzz! It’s been a whirlwind of opportunity and I’ve met so many great people.  In the flurry of activity, I became complacent about some of the opportunities as I was so short on time… and  I hope my friends will want to play next year!

Thanks for reading, talking to me, messaging, saying hello, coming to events, being lovely, smiling along as I talk, sending things to your friends and to all the people shoving me along this path that I love so much.

These trips around the Sun are great.


Big love and more blogs to come… for sure!


F xxx