A strange thing is happening.

It started out as VERY exciting, when Astrology became a trend but now suddenly everyone is an astrologer and it’s a little bit perplexing.

I’m so used to reading and writing diluted astrology for non-astrologers that I’m almost accepting it as truth.

Astrologers don’t like to change their mind and think they are right… at all stages of career progression! I guess it’s the same in all academic worlds. There’s that blustery self righteousness of people are so very connected to their opinions.

Studies into the charts of astrologers show a strong Uranus / Jupiter emphasis – pomposity and a refusal to change our minds is perhaps a “thing” for astrologers!

All I will say is that whilst the Memes are brilliant – and actually take some real understanding to create… there is lots of stuff out there at each New and Full Moon that is rehashed nonsense… but when dealing with the esoteric arts we can claim that it was “downloaded” and the story ends there.

Who are we to question intuition?

And we are not… this is a subjective world of holograms and nothing really matters!

However, it’s worth considering that astrology can seem much more straightforward than it is. I 100% thought I knew LOADS before I enrolled in astrology school and I 100% knew nothing and probably still don’t.

I had a really good understanding of the zodiac archetypes – which is like knowing the alphabet. There’s a long way to go before you write the novel!

What do you think? Am I being precious? When we write blogs, we do them with passion and conviction. I am sure plenty of nutritionists feel a similar irritation as online wisdom infiltrates everywhere.

Don’t believe everything you think… or read! This is the Fake News generation and we are here to shake things up!