HELLO! More charts! But these have been curated and beautified by Anna from This Place I Call Home.


This is a snap of my friend Anna, AKA Granny.


Anna is an Aquarius with and Aries Moon, she’s impulsive and uncompromisingly honest.  Anna calls me Slutty Pants.   I love Aquarian women, you know where you stand.  There’s no pretending or airs and graces, it’s all truth and impatience.  The reason Anna calls me slutty pants is because of what happened the day we met.

I turned up as a new girl in the office and was over confident and over friendly, talking to everyone and generally being the sort of woman that other women want to bury.  It was sports day and again, as a Sagittarius, I bounded in and joined in all the games, as I pulled the rope in tug of war my shorts slipped down, not to reveal a builders bum, but instead lace knickers.  This is why she calls me slutty pants.

Eventually Anna relented, later telling me I’m like an annoying puppy dog that walks all over your feet but you can’t help but like it because it’s so friendly. How we used to laugh. Those #next level 2013 days in the office were dreamy.  I left little Durham in 2006 and embarked on 6 years of transition and adventure, living in Italy, moving to London and working remotely.  For someone who loves community, knowing everyone and a sense of the familiar this was a fairly insane move.  I enjoyed it and worked hard to maintain an international network of friends but there were SO MANY GOODBYES. The lessons we learn and I did have a Sagittarius Soul to develop despite of my Taurus Moon’s distaste for change! Anyway, moving into Le Bureau and laughing all the time was nothing short of magic.

Anna and I had a happy habit of synchronising outfits without planning it!   Synchronicity in action before I knew what it was!




Anna has mega eye for clean lines and interiors.  With an Aries dominance in her chart she loves BLACK AND WHITE, so clear cut.  She also loves grey but that ruins my analogy.  I’ve asked her to collaborate with me and modify my existing chart style to fit her brand, This Place I Call Home.


She has a great talent for photography and interior design.  Look how great it looks on her wall!  This chart is the day she met her Penguin her soulmate and her lover (a Sagittarius, like me!)  The chart represents that love was in the air as Venus and Jupiter are situated together in the 8th house in Gemini, such a PERFECT significator for finding our “twin soul.” Gemini is the sign of the twins (we all know that, I think?)  Venus describes love, attraction and what we value, Jupiter is all about luck, opportunity and good fortune.  Jupiter believes, (Jupiter rules Sagittarius and that’s why Sagittarius is known to be optimistic, they BELIEVE things will be OK so always take that leap of faith.)  Venus and Jupiter are sitting together in the 8th, the house of intimacy, personal sharing, depth and commitment this was no fleeting love affair.  This was twins uniting in conversation, laughter and shared values.  If you look at the chart you can see that Scorpio is rising with the North Node (our point of future karma and ‘destiny’) sitting bang on the ascendent.  Scorpio, like the 8th house is not fleeting, this is commitment, intimacy and connection in it’s purest form.  I didn’t really think about what to expect when I looked at the chart but it’s so perfect and describes the love they have for each other wonderfully.


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