I haven’t written for a while.  I’ve been doing lots of writing for other people… a substantial amount of which has not been published, annoyingly (that will change!)

I had so much to say when I was away in Hong Kong and Thailand; the words were spilling out… so they are saved on my laptop waiting waiting waiting…

I toddled off to yoga today with the decision that I was going to stay present.  On the walk there I thought how can I turn this anger I feel around?  Then I remembered to write about it; RECYCLE those feelings for better use.  So here I am expressing my frustration at dealing with IMBECILES.

No matter how much yoga we do, how present we are and how grateful we are for all the good things in our lives.  Bad and sad things will happen and the IMBECILES will continue to exist.
The humourless, brainless, morons who form part of our society with the same vibration as a bloody mosquito.  WHY must we have to deal with the angry, the petulant, the nasty, the argumentative, the deluded, the jealous, the selfish and the foolish?

Well, the answer is that we are all sometimes all of the above and they are a reflection of ourselves!

I’ve read so many times that, “what you dislike in other people is what you dislike in yourself.”  I’m not sure that’s true.  I’m pretty sure I don’t like Hitler because he was a murdering bastard and it’s not a reflection of myself!  Nonetheless, within us all is dark and light, within us all is madness.  Madness is our greatest asset and biggest drawback.  Balancing the release of our madness is where the magic happens!

We LEARN and grow from challenge; frictions we experience test and strengthen us.  However, eventually we need to move on to developing new parts of ourselves and so… how do we deal with drama?

Here are some solutions that I have been working with and enjoying over the past couple of years:

  1. Ignore
  2. Ignore
  3. Do not engage with or respond to someone who is seeking to cause strife.  They may or may not know their motive.  Either way if your intuition tells you they are up to no good, get away ASAP!
  4. The best way to deal with infuriating people is to put on your best psychopath handling voice and calmly and kindly respond. RESPOND TO NOT REACT.  Do not be unkind; it will only BLUR the issue and it will create a domino effect of tensions.  Stay calm and kind then you can stay focussed on resolving the first issue.
  5. Seek to find humour.
  6. If this person is not someone you cannot ignore then challenge vexatious spirits head on.  Do not shy away from the problem.  Confront issue with direct, calm and uncomplicated language.
  7. KILL WITH KINDNESS. Absolute classic.    Nothing baffles an asshole more than outrageous kindness.  It has the added bonus of lifting your spirit and enabling you to move on gracefully.
  8. Never feed their drama addiction. Unhappy people seek out drama like the rest of us search for sunshine!  Don’t give them what they want they will get bored and move on.
  9. Breathe, welcome in how pissed off you are. Stretch, feel it (the stretch and the emotion), work with it, smile through it and LET IT PASS.
  10. After yoga you will have perspective. Take a step back.  Is it that bad?  Will you remember this next year?  Do you want to focus on this for one more second?  Is life not too precious to waste a second longer focussing on this?  If this was your last day on earth… would you even acknowledge this problem?  Probably not.
  11. LOVE.  See the best. Understand they are unhappy.  Love what is good about them.  Smile.  Be Kind.  Move on. CIAO 🙂

A big part of my battle with exposing myself as an astrologer was the balance of wanting to be a kind, mild person but stand up to critics!  Practice certainly helps and good supportive friends and a sure sense of self are key.

Be calm, be kind but don’t take any bullshit.  Be strong.  Flex that yogic muscle so you won’t need to punch them in the face.

Walk on.
Rise higher.


Big love and THANKS for giving me an outlet!
Frank x x x