I have so many blog posts in my head written up that sometimes I think they are already out there!

I am very behind but here is an image I want to share with you all as for me it explains how the chart works.

wedding cake

This is a WEDDING CAKE, undeniably.

For argument’s sake.  Let’s say each sun sign is a different type of cake.

We are all our sun signs; our ego, destiny, basic and fundamental character that we revert back to naturally.  I am a Sagittarius (wedding cake) and no amount of decoration, added ingredient nor extra layer of cake can take away from that.

However, not all cakes are wedding cakes!

(The following cake to sign association is of no relevance, just for the analogy!)

All Birthday (Aries), Christening (Pisces) , Wedding (Libra) and Novelty (Aquarius) cakes are not the same because we are LAYERED, have different ingredients and are decorated differently.  That is, each sun sign may represent a certain style of behavior but they are all UNIQUE though some will be more similar than others.

making a ckae

The MOON would be the bottom layer, it is fundamental to who we are and it is where we start; as children we behave more like our moons.  I have a 12th house (Pisces style) Taurus moon so I was a very removed, distant, strong willed, and shy child.  I lived in my head, I didn’t communicate outwardly.  If has something to say, I couldn’t say it.  Mum and Dad used to stand me on the kitchen counter and not let me down until I had told them what I was holding on to! Ha! Moon opposition Saturn (planet of restriction and limits) so I was extra tricky and refused to eat.  Moon = emotions, food, nurturing, the way we love. Moon = anything that FEEDS us.  My moon is particularly disabled, but as with anything tricky in the chart, with age you learn to use it to your advantage and master it.

My emotions (moon) will always be this way and that is why I am inclined to write, a 12th house moon is famously that of a writer who needs to find a creative (12th house / Pisces style) way to access (12th house / Pisces sytle) their emotions (moon).

YES – so, the bottom layer is the moon.  It’s at the core of who we really are.
The ascendant / rising sign is our basic decoration style. This is a floral design so the overall ‘feel’ of the cake and how it goes out into the world is how it appears.  I have a Gemini ascendant so I appear to be chatty, all over the place and all things Gemini.  However, it is only the surface appearance, it is the mask we wear and as people get to know you they see your persona for what it is… PERSONA (from the Latin for mask.)

cake decoration

Then every aspect, planet, detailed interaction of our chart is what makes us who we are.  It makes us unique, it shapes our character and fine tunes the personality.   The number of layers, the quality, flavour, colour, each individual flower… that is the chart in full motion.  Yes, I am a wedding cake… but that’s too simplistic.  What recipe was used?  Do all the layers work together harmoniously?  A heavy fruit cake at the top is difficult to manage!

fruit cake wedding cakes

haha… have I gone offpiste?!

You will ALWAYS be your sun sign, it is inescapable.  However, the fine tuning of the chart as a whole and how it all interacts enables a deeper understanding of how the energies apply to you.

amy winehouse chart

I hope this makes sense.  People sometimes say to me that astrology makes anything into anything, that I pick and choose what I want to make it sound right and fit the person I’m talking to. However, we are our sun signs and all of us exhibit the qualities in some form or another and they are not interchangeable.  My quieter Pisces friends cannot be confused with my OTT Sagittarian soul. My Cancerian nurturing mother cannot be confused with my eccentric Aquarian father…However, her Gemini moon and venus keep her talking non-stop so both are relentlessly chatty, just in different ways! 


I hope that makes sense and let me know if you want to understand your cake a little more!