The New Moon in Taurus is imminent.It’s more than a cosmic coincidence that Uranus moves to Taurus on the same day as the New Moon.  Also, this New Moon falls very close to the Fixed Star Algol.

“The head of Medusa from Greek mythology is represented by the infamous Algol fixed star at 26º Taurus. As part of constellation Perseus, Algol was regarded by the ancients as the most evil star in the heavens, but is its reputation warranted? If Algol was truly so malevolent then we would find it common in serial killers. We just don’t find it there, though it is present in some dictators. But it is true that Algol has a connection with death and pain.”

I wasn’t planning on writing about that!! Ha!  However, it’s a very real fact that this fairly mental Fixed Star is involved in the lunation.

A note on alcohol, Algol, Al kol, spirits and the supernatural:

“Dr Rachel Hajar, an accomplished modern-day editor, author and medical advisor, while researching an article on alcohol for her online medical journal, found additional dual meanings in ancient Arabic texts;

1Al kol: Genie or spirit that takes on varied shapes or a supernatural creature in Arabic mythology.

2Al kol: Any drug or substance that takes away the mind or covers it.”

Most of us know that getting smashed either takes you to this place of warm, fuzzy, connected FLOW.  Or to a place of argumentative, melancholic, dissatisfied, empty, fear and longing.  There isn’t much in-between.

Alcohol opens us up to spirit (clue is in the name) and attracts entities that match the vibration we are at.  I stopped drinking when I could feel my mood was low in 2008.  At school and uni I would try and drink through it, never wise! Ah – just thinking about it hurts!

Lurking spirits attach to us with ease when we are hammered.  Our boundaries drop.  Magic nights seem to make us FLY. I love magic nights. However, the risk is losing our head and making massive huge mistakes.

Think about that on a collective level for the New Moon in Taurus.

Couple that with Uranus, the disruptor joining the party to shake shit up.  We can never predict what Uranus will do so we can watch and wait to see.  It’s an imminent arrival of stark change.  New feelings.  New ways of living and with all this Taurus energy it affects how we feel about money, ownership and what makes us rich.


In May 2000 the most recent Jupiter Saturn conjunction took place at 22 Taurus, it is a 20 year cycle.  A cycle of the times, a cycle of consumption, property booms, food obsession and Primark. Taurus themes (property, food, clothes.)  That was the last Jupiter Saturn conjunction in EARTH (stuff) for a few hundred years.  The next time they meet will be 2020 and it’s in Aquarius  AIR (less stuff.)  Many astrologers think this is the real Age of Aquarius, particularly with Pluto en route ready to arrive in Aquarius in 2023.


What I mean is, we are moving from a cycle of consumption and ownership (Taurus) to a state of FREEDOM (Aquarius.)  Aquarius is all about ideas, humanitarian causes, speed, efficiency, unconventionality and equality.  It isn’t about emotion and sentimentality at ALL.  More about being a robot!


The planet Uranus rules the sign Aquarius and Uranus is heading to Taurus to start preparing us for this lighter, faster, less-is-more approach to life.  The main concern is that Uranus is CONTRARY AF.  Also, Uranus entirely unpredictable, rigid in it’s thinking, prefers to leave than compromise, it is sudden, abrupt, shocking and brazen.


I GUESS that this is all about Uber, Air BnB, freelance life, dietary supplements, data (Uranus) ownership (Taurus) (GDPR overload and the Facebook scandals could be hints about what is to come.)  Uranus rules all things Nuclear (efficient, unpredictable, highly reactive, leads to mutations) and Mr Trump himself is Sun Uranus in his natal chart, so lets see how this transit makes him behave!

This is all ideas and speculation… also a bit of a download of all the things I’ve been thinking about.


I invite you to reflect on what you value, what makes you feel rich, what clutter are you carrying, how much space do you have and need in your cupboards and relationships.  Where do you want to be in 2 years (the 5 year plan is too long, things are speeding up.)

Uranus will make things happen QUICKLY!  Immediately.  But be careful what you wish for and remember who you are dealing with!  I’ve said this before but it’s a good way to think about it…. Uranus and Aquarius rule computers.  Think how pissing annoying computers are.  You have to tell the computer what to do in exactly the way it demands.  If the code is slightly incorrect, you don’t get the desired result.  My Dad is v. Aquarius and if we say one word wrong in a sentence he absolutely cannot read between the lines and understand what we mean.  I’m always like, “FFS! It’s obvious!!” And he’s always like “No, you said quicker but what you meant was shorter!”

Computers are the same, they can’t infer what you mean with context; the input must be in the order it demands.  Uncompromising and hyper rational = Aquarius and computers.  BUT – be careful what you ask for, the universe is vibing with this LITERAL path and well, think it through! It will happen fast, so do manifest, but do really really really consider what you value and what makes you feel rich.

As always I’m nuts busy, but SLOWING down is all the more important at this time.  This new cycle is prompting people to book in for readings.  You are all always welcome via Zoom or in Battersea.  Email me and provided my computer hasn’t exploded, I’ll be there.

Big love,

F xxx