I can’t remember being so excited!

I’ve just got back from astrology class and in passing Frank mentioned this…. Which makes perfect sense because the characterisation is so FAMILIAR. When we read Harry Potter, we feel like we know the characters, there is something about the stories that makes sense.

Lots of the words and spells used were from the Latin and so there were parallels. However slytherin being so very Scorpio just seemed like classic bad guy stuff.

I had some homework a month ago and I had to take any famous person, fictional or real and write why they typified a sign. I found it really hard! However when I started thinking about Harry Potter it was easier…

Snape is typically Scorpio, he wants to be professor of the dark arts. He loved Lilly Potter and loathed James Potter in equal measure and HELD those resentments for ever. Holding love, pain… Holding emotion is what water signs do. Scorpio is fixed water… It is ice. It preserves and holds feels. Snape surprisingly however was TRANSFORMED, he was a Phoenix, a higher level of Scorpio as he left the dark side and was good. The symbol there of Dumbledore’s Phoenix who cries when he dies ties up that idea.

I’m typing from my phone, my laptop is at work. Sorry for mad rush.

Dumbledore himself I don’t know. I may Google that now…. People think Aquarius, which would make some sense, the polar opposite to Harry… For humanity not for individuals, detached, air type. However he is a good leader, so I’m not sure. Arthur Weasley is TYPICALLY Aquarian: scatty, obsessed with technology, very friendly with Harry and his children alike, not much of a father figure… A detached man of the people.

Dumbledore is more attached to this world.

Hermione is classic virgo; critical, know it all, perfectionist. She messes with time and is the perfect student as mercurial people are.

My hand / shoulder combo hurts now!

I’ll add to this later!

Frank x